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At ExesANdEx, we believe that stories about love and lovers, marriage, families, and even divorces, should be talked about the right way. Of course, we celebrate the happy-ever after tales.

We are a group of young minds who want to tell about the things that happen in the lives of our stars so that everyone can emulate where one should, and learn where there are lessons. In between, we want everyone to be entertained no matter the story being told.

ExesAndEx, is a digital platform that was started only a couple of years ago, and it is already gaining grounds as the next big thing in the niche of relationships and family. Our target is to build a huge following of minds that seek to be informed with the truth, educated with the facts, and entertained with creative writing.

We believe more than anything else, that in this era of misinformation, misrepresentation of facts, and outright deception, we owe our teaming readers the responsibility to being diligent in our research and truthful in our reportage. This is not just a belief of ours, but also a moral responsibility and a mandate.