Family MembersArabella Wunderlich Is Anne-Sophie Mutter’s Daughter: A Closer Look

Arabella Wunderlich Is Anne-Sophie Mutter’s Daughter: A Closer Look

by Nandom Kostu

Arabella Wunderlich is a German celebrity kid better known as the daughter of famous female Classical German Violinist, Anne-Sophie Mutter and her husband Detlef Wunderlich. She was born in 1990 alongside her brother Richard Wunderlich.

The celebrity kid is also a professional set designer, who explores production and costume designs for films and dance. She has credit as a set designer for films like Red (2016), Der Andere (2020), and The Sandman (2022). Although Arabella is in the spotlight, many are still curious to know more about her. Let’s get to meet Anne-Sophie Mutter’s daughter properly.

Who is Arabella Wunderlich?

As mentioned, Arabella was born in Germany in 1990 to her mother Anne-Sophie Mutter, and her father Detlef Wunderlich. She is currently 33 years old and a graduate of the Ludwig Maximillian University, Munich, Germany. She majored in art history, theatre studies, and art therapy.

The Celebrity Kid is a set Designer

Arabella carved out a different career path from that of her mom. While mom is known to be a musician, she took to filming as a set designer. After graduating from school, the professional set designer completed several jobs as an intern in the theater and film industry in Germany, before moving to England to have a broader experience and vast practical skills in set design.

The 32-year-old celebrity kid revealed that she drew inspiration from popular set designers like Alfred Hitchcock, a German expressionist cinema of the 1920s, Guillermo Del Torro’s films, as well as Roland Olbeter’s works. On her own, she worked on a set design for a Gothic Horror Musical about Edgar Allan Poe which premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018.

Some of her works as a set designer

Some of Arabella’s works for which she was credited as a set designer are:

  • A theater project: Various Afflictions (2018), a dance for design performed at the Platform Theater, Central Saint Martins, England.
  • As a Production Designer: Der Andere (2020), Red (2016), Skopophilia (2016), and Die Tucke des Objects (2016).
  • As a Costume Designer: Skopophilia (2016), and Die Tucke des Objects (2016).
  • As Art Department Assistant: Enola Holmes 2 (2022), The Sandman (2022)
  • As a Costume and Wardrobe Department Assistant: Luna’s Revenge (2017)

She is also an Editor

Aside from being a set designer, Arabella is also credited as an editor for the book titled Netze: Hanna und Paul Grab: ein Lebenswerk (Network; Hanna and Paul Grab: A life’s work), alongside her mother, Sophie Mutter, and her brother Richard Wunderlich. The book was written by Karl-Christoph Epting, Paul Grab, and Elizabeth Grab. The book talks about the successful life left by a pastor couple Paul and Elizabeth Grab and their Godly impact through works of Christianity and arts, and also how their ministry helped people with mental disabilities in Wehr in the Waldshut district, Germany.

Arabella lost her Dad when she was 5

Anne-Sophie Mutter’s daughter was only 5 years old when she last saw her dad. Although much about her dad is not known, what we could garner was that he was a lawyer born in Circa on January 1, 1936.

Before his sad demise in 1995, at the age of 60, Arabella’s father battled cancer for 8 years.

After the death of her father, Arabella and her brother were raised by their mom Anne-Sophie Mutter. They all have good relationships with one another even though they have been on a low profile in recent times. They have been seen on most occasions grazing shows and concerts together. In addition, she has a striking resemblance to her mom.

Her mom is considered to be one of the greatest Violinists of Modern times

Arabella’s mom is considered to be one of the finest Violinists of all time, a passion she had from the age of 5. Her mom was born in Rheinfelden, Germany on June 29, 1963. Her classical musical prowess has helped her bag so many accolades and recognition like winning the Grammy awards four times and a host of other honors to her name. Her popularity has helped put herself and her children on the map of fame.

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Richard Wunderlich is her younger brother

Richard Wunderlich was born 4 years after the birth of his older sister. He is a graduate of Ludwig Maximillian University, Munich, Germany. Arabella’s younger brother has also been on a low profile. Nothing is known about his career and what he is into currently, likewise his relationship with his sister, but it is believed they are doing great. He is normally seen around his friends and his girlfriend.

An insight into Arabella’s love life

It is not known who Arabella is currently dating as she has not let the cat out of his bag at the moment, she might probably be single at the moment or maybe sooner or later she will reveal herself and her lover to the public.

What is known about her at the moment is that, she is focused on her career as a production set designer. She recently got involved in some 2022 film productions in which she was credited as an Art Department Assistant.

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