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Arles Durst And The Three Other Wives Of Fred Durst

Arles Durst is an American who has come to be known after it was announced that she is now the fourth wife of Fred Durst, the American rap rock artist who is known for Limp Bizkit. For the better part, there is hardly much that is known about Arles except for her marriage to the musician.

Before Arles, Fred Durst had had three wives; Kseniya Beryazina, Esther Nazarov, and Rachel Tergesen.

The Current Wife of Fred Durst is Arles Durst

As indicated, the woman that the musician is now married to is Arles. Details about who she really is, including her birth name, biography, and education are all not known to the public.

In the same manner, the details about when and how Fred and Arles first met are not known, nor is the exact date of their marriage. However, it was in 2022 that it came to light that they got married in Los Angeles, California.

Rachel Tergesen Was Fred Durst’s First Wife

The first woman to become Fred Durst’s Wife is Rachel Tergesen. She was born on 8 November 1970 in the United States of America, which was where she was also brought up.

While not much information is available about her in the public space, we know that she got married to Durst in 1990. In that same year, the couple had their only child together, Adriana Durst who was born on June 3, 1990.

Sadly, this marriage did not last a very long time as, by 1993, they went their separate ways in divorce.

Durst’s Second Wife Was Esther Nazarov

After his first marriage to Rachel came to an end in 1993, Fred did not get married again until 2009 when he walked down the aisle with Esther Nazarov. Like his other wives, there is not much information about her that is available in the public domain.

Naturally, one would think that for him to have waited as long as he did to get married, the union was going to last long. That was not to be as only three months after they got married, Fred Durst and Esther Nazarov’s marriage came to a shocking end in divorce.

While the reason behind the divorce was not clear, the marriage that took place in Las Vegas only lasted a month before they separated and Durst filed for divorce in L.A. County Superior Court. According to the court papers, Durst claimed irreconcilable differences.

Unsurprisingly, the couple did not have any kids together.

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Kseniya Beryazina Was The Third Wife Before Arles Durst

Three years after his marriage to Durst came to an end, Durst married his third wife, Kseniya Beryazina in 2012. Kseniya is a Ukrainian beauty who is recognized not just for her marriage to the famous musician, but also for her career as a make-up artist.

Also known as Kseniya Durst, the Ukrainian remained married to Durst for the next 6 years before they divorced in 2018. This became the longest marriage of the rapper thus far.

All through their time together, nothing was revealed as just as they got married quietly, they also kept much about the union privately. Nonetheless, it was clear that all was not well for the duo as Durst filed for Divorce in September 2018. According to the court documents he filed, he was seeking for the marriage to be ended due to irreconcilable differences.

The two did not have any kids together.

Meet Fred Durst’s Children, Dallas Durst and Adriana Durst

Fred Durst is a father of 2 amazing kids, Dallas and Adriana. While he had Adriana with his then-wife, Rachel Tergesen, his son, Dallas, was birthed to him from his relationship with his former girlfriend, Jennifer Thayer.

Adriana was born on 3 June 1990 which means she is currently 32 years old. She is, however, not in the public light, hence much about her private life is not known. The only thing that is well known about her is that she has a very close bond with her father.

On the other hand, Dallas we born on 30 August 2001, which means he is now 21 years old. Just as his older sister, he shares a great bond with his father, but what he does for a living is not clear since he also maintains a private life.

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