ShowbizBeat Street Cast: Who Are They Married To And Where Are They...

Beat Street Cast: Who Are They Married To And Where Are They Today?

Many years after the 1980 Musical/Dance film was released, there are still many who are wondering who are Beat Street Cast members and where they might be today. The film brought together many big names, some of whom are no longer alive, while some are still kicking. In the same manner, some of the cast members have had great relationships that came to an end, while others are still enjoying healthy marriages.

Here are all the major cast members of Beat Street, looking at who they got married to and where they might be today:

All Beat Street Cast Members And Their Partners

1. Rae Dawn Chong (Tracy Carlson)

Beat Street cast
Rae Dawn Chong (Image Source)

Rae is a Canadian American actress who has been acting since the early 1970s and has come to be known for films such as Stony Island (1981) and Quest For Fire (1981). Currently 62 years old, she was born on February 28, 1961, in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. She took the role of Tracy Carlson in Beat Street.

Who is Rae Dawn Chong’s husband?

As regards her love life, the actress has been married three times. The first man to become Rae Dawn Chong’s husband was Owen Bayliss. The exact year that they married is not known but it is known that they divorced in 1982. The marriage was blessed with a son, Morgan Baylis.

In 1989, she married her second husband, C. Thomas Howell, but the marriage did not last long as by 19990, they divorced. Chong did not marry again until 2011when she married Nathan Ulrich but like her previous marriages, it ended in divorce after a very short time in 2014.

Where is Rae Dawn Chong today?

Chong is still very much active in Hollywood. Her most recent works include the 2021 and 2022 films, The Sleeping Negro and We Are Gathered Here Today respectively.

2. Guy Davis (Kenny “Double K” Kirkland)

Davis was born on May 12, 1952, which means he is currently 71 years old. He started his career as a musician in the late 1970 and then in 1980, he started his acting career. Since then, he has appeared in many films and TV shows including One Life to Live (1985 – 1986) and Robert Johnson: Trick the Devil (1993). Prior to that, he took the lead role in Beat Street, playing Kenny.

Is Guy Davis married?

The Beat Street actor was previously married to a Voodoo Priestess, Dorothy Desir in 1989. The couple had a son together named Marcial Davis who was born in 1990. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last a lifetime before they later divorced.

Where is Guy today?

The American blues guitarist and musician is currently in the United States where he continues his career as a musician. A 2017 Grammy-nominee, his latest works include the 2019 and 2021 albums, Gumbo, Grits & Gravy, and Be ready When I Call You respectively.

3. Jon Chardiet (Ramon “Ramo” Franco)

Jon Chardiet
Jon Chardiet (Image Source)

An actor and producer, Jon Chardiet was born on December 21, 1960. He began his career in the 1980s and is best known for Beat Street where he played the role of Ramon, and then Money Talks (1997) and Chump Change (1990).

Is Jon married?

The actor has done a great job in keeping his life very private, but it is known that He was previously married to Laura Chardiet. the marriage came to an end in 2014.

Where is Jon Chardiet today?

Now 62 years old, Jon Chardiet has been away from acting for many years. He now works as a teacher and writer of children’s books. He is the author of Parker Penguin and the Winter Games as well as Parker Penguin, Big Brother Blues

4. Leon W. Grant

Beat Street cast
Leon W. Grant (Twitter)

Grant played the role of Chollie Wilson in the film. He was born over 60 years ago and became popular from the 1970s to the 1980s when he appeared in many films including The Wanderers (1979), 3-2-1 Contact (1980), A Stranger Is Watching (1982), and then Beat Street which was one of his most famous works. He would later appear in more films and TV series such as Playing for Keeps (1986), Mad About You (1997), and then Party of Five (1998).

Has grant ever been married? 

Although he has revealed so much about himself, he has kept everything about his love life private, hence, it is not known if he has ever been married.

Where is Leon W. Grant today?

Grant has been away from the movie scene for a very long time as a result of many challenges including addiction to cocaine, spending time behind bar, and PTSD which he suffers after his father killed his grandmother, attempted to kill Leon, and his mother, before killing himself when Leone was only three years old.

Today he lives in Maui, Hawaii where he tries to help people through his work as a social worker. Before starting the work, he went back to school when he was 50 so as to equip himself.

5. Duane L. Jones (Robert)

Beat Street cast
Duane L. Jones (Image Source)

Yet another great Beat Street Cast member was Robert who took the role of Robert in the dance drama. Born on April 11, 1937, Jones started his acting career in 1968 and he became famous for films such as Night of the Living Dead (1968), Ganja & Hess (1937), Losing Ground (1982), and the Beat Street in 1984. He continued acting until 1988 when he lost his life.

Was Duabe Jones married?

There was no record to show if he was ever married as the only family member listed under him was his mother, Mildred G. Jones.

Where is he today?

As indicated, the actor died in 1988, just 4 years after he took part in Beat Street. The actor was 51 years old when he died on 22 July. His resting place is Westview Cemetery
Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, USA.

6. Mary Alice (Cora Kirkland)

Mary Alice
Mary Alice (Image Source)

An inductee into the American Theatre Hall of Fame, Mary Alice Smith was born on December 3, 1941, and she began her acting career in 1969 in the theatres. She later transitioned to TV and then Film, and she came to be known for many works including I‘ll Fly Away (1993) which earned her an Emmy Nomination, Laurel Avenue (1994), To Sleep with Anger (1993), and The Matrix Revolutions (2003). She was also well recognized for her role as Cora in Beat Street.

Who is Mary Alice married to? 

It is unclear if she was ever been married as records about her love life remained elusive from the public domain.

Where is she today?

The actress had been away from acting for many years as she retired in 2005,  before she lost her life in July 2022. She was 85 at the time.

7. Saundra Santiago (Carmen Carraro)

Saundra is one of the Beat Street cast members that are still very active in Hollywood. She was born on April 13, 1957, and began her career in 1979 on TV. In 1981, she got her first film role in The End of August and then a year later she got the role of Carmen Carraro in Beat Street.

She has appeared in many more films and TV shows including The Cosby Mysteries (1994), To Sir, with Love II (1996), Guiding Light (1999), and One Life to Live (2009 to 2011).

Where is she today?

Now years old, the actress is still in the acting business. Her recent works include Hightown (2020) and Sand Dollar Cove (2021).

Who is Saundra Santiago’s husband?

The actress is now the wife of Roger Squitero for more than two decades. They first met in 1994 and dated until 1999 when they got married. They do not seem to have any kids together.

8. Robert Taylor (Lee Kirkland)


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Actor, dancer, and performer, Robert Taylor has come to be known best for his role of Lee in Beat Street. He also appeared in a few other films including Avenging Force in 1986 and Thee Break in 1977.

Where is he today? 

The last recorded films of Robert Taylor are The Break (1997) and Spy TV (2002). Since then, he is not known to have taken part in any major productions. However, he is still in New York where he continues his career as a dancer.

Who is Robert “Lee” Taylor’s wife?

Looking at his love life, it is not clear if the actor has been married in the past, but it is known that he has some kids including Jennifer Taylor, Erica Taylor, and Jacob Taylor.

9. Shawn Elliott (Domingo)

Shawn Elliott
Shawn Elliott (Image Source)

The actor was born Shawn Elliott Santiago on February 24, 1937, and he rose to fame as an actor and singer. He began his career in 1955, going on to take part in films such as Jacques Brel is Alive and Living in Paris onstage and Short Eyes (1977). He also took part in Beat Street in 1984 as Domingo.

Who was Shawn Elliot’s wife?

The actor was married to Donna Murphy who is also an actress and singer in 1990. They remained together until his death in 2016. Before he married Donna, Shawn Elliot was previously married to Gloria Fernandez with whom he had two children, Russell Santiago and Roland Santiago. His marriage to Donna also produced a child, Darmia Hope Elliott.

Where is Shawn Elliott Santiago today?

Sadly, Elliott died on March 11, 2016, at the age of 79. Before his death, the actor’s last works include Arbitrage (2012) and Broken City (2013).

10. Tonya Pinkins (Angela)


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Born on May 30, 1962, Tonya Pinkins is yet another of the Beat Street cast members still in the acting business. She began her career when she was 18 years old after she got a role in the 1980 short film, Growing Up Young.

In 1984, the Tony Award-winning actress got her role of Angela in Beat Street and she has since gone on to appear in over 50 films and TV shows. Some of her most popular works are Jelly’s Last Jam (1992), Play On! (1997), and Caroline, or Change (2004).

Who is Tonya Pinkins’s husband?

Thus far, Tonya Pinkins has been married three times. Her first marriage was in 1984 to Hubert Kelley. This union lasted for only 3 years before coming to an end in 1987.

Her next marriage was in the same year, 1987, when she tied the knot to writer and actor, Ron Brawer. Tonya and Ron remained together until 1994 when they divorced. The last man to be known as Tonya Pinkin’s husband was Eric Winters whom she married in 2009. 5 years later, they called it quits and divorced.

Where is she today?

As stated, Tonya is still very active in the movie business as an actress, writer, and director. Some of her most recent works include the 2020 films The Surrogate, Black Lady Goddess, and Blue Pill as well as the 2021 TV movie, Better Than My Last. On TV, some of her recent works are God Friended Me (2020) and Women Of The Movement (2021).

11. Lee Chamberlin (Alicia)

The Beat Street actress was born Alverta LaPallo on February 14, 1938, and she began her acting career in 1970. She took part in several films, series, and theatrical works. Some of her best works are Up The Sandbox (1972), Let’s Do it Again (1975), Brave New World (1980), and Beat Street (1984), taking the role of Alicia.

Who was Lee Chamberlin’s husband?

The beautiful actress got married to Daniel Edward Chamberlin in 1960 and they remained together until his death in 1999. The couple was blessed with two children, Ekayani Chamberlin, and Matthew Chamberlin.

Where is she today? 

Sadly, Lee Chamberlin died on 25 May 2014 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She was 75 years old at the time of her death.

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