UncategorizedCheryl Pollak Is Married To Richard Murphy- Facts About Their Relationship

Cheryl Pollak Is Married To Richard Murphy- Facts About Their Relationship

Who is Cheryl Pollak?

The actress and movie producer was born on 31 August 1967 in Scottsdale, Arizona. However, it was in Greenville, Texas that she was brought up. She was raised by a father who managed a miniature golf course in Escondido, California. Nothing is known about her mother but it is known that she had older brothers.

Her initial dream was of becoming a Jazz Saxophonist. She held this dream until she graduated from high Eisenhower High School in 1985. However, she later found herself appearing on TV in a TV commercial that went national. In less than a year, she gained fame thanks to the commercial and that opened then she appeared in some more commercials. Doors soon opened for her to appear in more commercials but this was not possible due to a commitment of appearing in a full-length film by 1987.

Although acting roles soon started coming for her, it was revealed that the actress made it known in her earlier years that since music was her intended career, she was only going to give acting two years and if it did not work out well, she was going to return to Saxophone. She also had the plan of enrolling in the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Cheryl Pollak appeared in many films and TV productions from the late 1980s until after the 1990s. She would later return and continue with her career into the 2000s. Of late, not much is heard about her career. Among her most popular productions are:

  • Live Shot (1995)
  • Melrose Place (1994)
  • Crossing the Bridge (1992)
  • The Heights (1992)
  • The Hidden Room (1991)
  • Hull High (1990)
  • Alien Nation (1989)
  • The Dark Side of the Sun (1988)
  • 21 Jump Street (1988)
  • My Best Friend Is a Vampire (1987)

She Tied The Knot in 1999

Although she has managed to keep her personal life away from the public domain, it is known that in 1999, she got married to fellow actor, Richard Murphy who is better known as RD Murphy. Unfortunately, there is no available information as regards how they met and started dating.

Her husband, RD Murphy was born on August 10, 1966, in Michigan, United States. He was brought up in a large family by his parents Richard D. Murphy Snr and Rosemary Denmark Murphy.

Although they have been together for a very long time, they have maintained a very private life, hence it remains unclear if they have any kids together. That however, does not mean they do not have any kids together, but instead, that they have not revealed that, neither have they divulved much about their family life.

Interesting Facts About The Actres

Cheryl has worked together with her husband on some projects

More than the love that has kept them together for many years, Cheryl and her husband, RD have collaborated on some projects in the past. Interestingly, they have started working together even before they got married. In 1998, she starred in Betty, a film that was written and directed by Murphy.

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She has been involved in some works after the 2000s

Although as stated, it was mostly in the 1980s and the 1990s that the actress made a name for herself, she has also had some engagements at the other side of 2000. In 2001, she was in the TV series, JAG as Gloria Goldberg, and then in 2002, she was in Time of Fear as Cheryl Hammer.

She is pretty much a tall woman

Once a model in her earlier days even before she made it big as an actress, one of the things Cheryl has apart from her good looks is her good height. She stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches tall (1.73 meters).

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