Relationships10 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Courtney Clenney

10 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Courtney Clenney

Courtney Clenney is an Instagram and OnlyFans model who has become infamous for the murder of her boyfriend, Christian Toby Obumseli. The Texan model started making a name for herself after she joined various social media platforms where she shared raunchy photos of herself. Before the tragic incident that got her in the news, she had amassed millions of followers on social media, with more than 2 million on Instagram alone.

Since she allegedly killed her boyfriend, so much attention has been attracted her way. Here is all we know about her:

Unknown Facts About Courtney Clenny 

1. Quick biography of Courtney Clenny

Also referred to as Courtney Tailor, Clenny was born in Midland Texas in 1997 and she was brought up there until the age of 7 when she moved to Austin, Texas where she lived for 11 years. From there, she moved to California.

While growing up, she was very much into sports. She revealed that she did a lot of things including gymnastics, football, and diving. In fact, some of her family members thought she was going to be an Olympic diver but she quit all sports and left diving because she got afraid of sharks.

Unfortunately, there is no info as regards her parents, siblings, and education.

2. How Courtney Tailor became an Instagram star

At the age of 18, she started following different Instagram models, mostly because she loved what they were doing. However, after doing research to find out why they were always posting about companies, she realized it was another way one could make a living. Driven by this, she started posting about herself.

After doing that consistently for a few months, she was able to reach 10 thousand followers, and from then on, she continued to grow to the point where she is today with more than 2 million followers. Her big break came after Playboy began picking pictures and posting them on their Facebook page. It was after this that she moved to Los Angeles.

Her social media growth helped the model to also appear in the music video of G-Eazy’s hit song, Me, Myself, & I.

3. Courtney Clenney was not initially interested in PlayBoy

Right from the start when Playboy started sharing her photos on Facebook and other platforms, they wanted to have a traditional photo shoot with the model but she was not interested. However, she decided to give it a shot after she was contacted to take part in its series for online models like herself.

4. She claimed she stabbed her boyfriend to death in self-defense

In April 2022, Courtney Tailor got to the news after she got involved with the law for stabbing her boyfriend, Christian Toby Obumseli to death. Although the accusation was that she murdered him as a result of her violent nature which was always triggered by alcohol and also because of her habit of physical abuse, the OnlyFans star insisted that she killed him in self-defense.

The police were reported not to have arrested Courtney after the stabbing in a luxury apartment in Miami as she insisted her boyfriend was trying to choke her before she stabbed him and she claimed she tried to revive him before she called 911 for assistance.

While he died on his way to the hospital, she had some bruises to show that she did what she did in self-defense.

5. Friends of the couple insist she murdered him

Courtney Clenney
Courtney Clenney and Christian Toby Obumseli (Image Source)

Contrary to Courtney’s claims, friends of the couple insisted that she did not kill him in self-defense. According to them, she was always in the habit of starting trouble with him even in public for talking to other girls. More so, they claimed Christian Toby Obumseli was aware of her aggression but he downplayed it, insisting she was only that way when she drank.

6. Was she still with Christian Obumseli?

Against other suggestions that Courtney and Christian Obumseli were still an item when she stabbed him, one of her close friends insisted that they were no longer together. In a YouTube video, she claimed that they broke up because Obumseli was stealing from Courtney and they had been having many issues and police were called to their home numerous times.

7. Courtney Clenney was accused of almost stabbing an ex

Although it was the stabbing of Obumseli that became fatal, it has been alleged that it was not the first time that she tried stabbing someone. According to reports, a friend revealed that there was a time when she attempted to stab an ex-boyfriend. More so, the family lawyer of Obumseli, Larry Handfield claimed that he interviewed an ex-boyfriend who alleged that she came close to stabbing him on two occasions.

8. The model is said to have drinking issues

One of the main issues that the Instagram influencer has been accused of by close sources is that she has drinking issues. Because of this, she was charged in 2020 for driving under the influence, More so, she was reported to have been charged in a separate incident in Texas after she crashed a woman’s car.

More, there have been claims by some people close to her that she was abusing drugs.

9. How tall is Courtney Tailor?

Courtney Tailor is a woman of average height and a good body build. She stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall and has a weight of 110 lbs.

10. What is Courtney Clenny’s net worth?

The current net worth of Courtney is estimated at between $200,000 to $500,000. She came by her fortune from her career as a social media star and also from her Onlyfans account which has many subscribers. More so, she has had endorsement deals with many brands including Bang Energy Drink, Calvin Klien, MANSCAPED, and FashionNova.

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