UncategorizedCrissy Chabert Is Lacey Chabert’s Sister- 10 Facts To Know About Her

Crissy Chabert Is Lacey Chabert’s Sister- 10 Facts To Know About Her

Crissy Chabert is an American woman whose real claim to fame came as a result of her being Lacey Chabert’s sister. Although linked to the famous actress, Crissy has managed, over the years, to maintain a very private life. However, following the death of their sister, Wendy, the light has continued to shine more on the three sisters and most especially Crissy.

Interesting Things About Crissy Chabert

1. Crissy was born in the 1970s

Although the exact date of her birth is not known, it is known that Crissy Chabert was born in Purvis, Mississippi sometime in the 1970s. More so, she celebrates her birthday on November 20 each year.

Her parents are Tony Chabert and Julie Chabert. Her father had a career in the oil and gas sector with big companies including Texaco and Shell before he retired in the 2000s.

2. She was brought up alongside three siblings

She was brought up together with two sisters, Wendy and Lacey who is the youngest of the three. She also has a brother.

Her sister, Lacey Nicole Chabert is famous as an American actress who has appeared in works such as All My Children. She started her career in the 1990s and has appeared in many films and TV shows, some of which have earned her some awards.

3. Her nickname is Kee Kee

The nickname of Lacey Chabert’s sister is Kee Kee, hence it is not out of the ordinary to see the actress refer to her sister as Kee Kee on social media. Also, she goes by the name of Keekee Taylor on social media.

4. A look at the educational pursuits of Crissy Chabert

Crissy is a well-educated woman who had her high school education at Purvis High School in the United States and from there, she went to the University of Southern Mississippi from where she graduated.

5. Crissy Chabert Taylor lives in Italy

Although it was in the United States that she was born and raised, Crissy Chabert Taylor now resides in Italy with her family.

6. She is a mother of two sons

Crissy is a rather private person who has kept most details about her husband away from the public. However, she has two sons; Max Taylor and Ethan Taylor both of whom are grown. Max plays baseball in the country while Ethan is married to Kelly Craig Taylor.

7. She has a very good relationship with Lacey Chabert


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From all indications, Crissy has a great relationship with all her siblings but she seems to be closest to Lacey as they are always writing about each other on social media. The actress always has great things to say about her big sister whom she describes as an incredible individual.

8. Her family has been through a tough time with the death of her sister

Crissy and her family have seen some tough times in the past, most especially with the passing of her sister, Wendy Chabert who died in November 2021 at the age of 46. Crissy’s sister, Lacey took to her Instagram in February 2022 to detail the struggle of the family and herself in particular in coming to terms with the loss. The Mean Girls actress stated that she picks up her phone most times to call her sister, only to remember she was no more.

Before her death, Wendy was living in Texas working as a baker at Market Street. She was a mother of two sons with Shan Riggio, but it is not clear if they were still together at the time of her death.

Wendy lived a very private life and because of that, details regarding the cause of her death remain elusive.

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9. Her brother was diagnosed with Leukemia 

Crissy Taylor announced in 2016 that her younger brother, Tony Chabert was diagnosed with Leukemia and was seriously sick. She sought the prayers of her friends. A GoFundme account was later set up towards helping him fight the condition.

Years later, nothing is heard about it, hence it is believed that he got a better side of the disease.

10. She has a decent presence on social media

Crissy Chabert has a presence on some social media platforms including Instagram where her account is set on private and also on Facebook.

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