MarriedCurtis Stigers: Bio, Wife, Children, Career Highlight, Other Facts

Curtis Stigers: Bio, Wife, Children, Career Highlight, Other Facts

The singer is currently married to Jodi Peterson-Stigers, known to be a philanthropist. Before his current love life with Jodi, he was previously married to Amy for 18 years (1993-2011), sharing a daughter named Ruby Stigers.

Aside from being a musician, he is also known to be a professional dog trainer. With this and other facts to be established, let’s get to meet the professional Jazz Musician properly.

Personal Profile of Curtis Stiger

  • Name: Curtis Stigers
  • Nationality: American
  • Place of Birth: Hollywood, California
  • Date of Birth: October 18, 1965
  • Age: 57 years old
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Profession: Musician
  • Parents: Steven Stigers and Peggy Wallner Stigers
  • Sibling(s): Jake Stigers
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Wife: Jodi Peterson Stigers
  • Children: 1 (Ruby Stigers)
  • Instagram: @thecurtisstigers
  • Facebook: @CurtisStigers
  • Twitter: @curtisstigers
  • Famous For: Jazz Music

Curtis Stigers Was Born In Hollywood

Curtis Stigers was born in Hollywood, California on October 18, 1965, which means he is now 57 years old. He was raised in Boise, Idaho.

His father, Steven Stiger, is known to be a devout Christian and former naval personnel, while his mother is Peggy Wallner Stigers. Curtis is not the only child of his parents, he was brought up alongside his younger brother Jake Stigers.

According to him, he started working when he was either 11 or 12, although his musical career started after this point.

He started his Music Career as a Teenager

Steve started his career at a teenage age receiving lessons from high school on instruments like clarinet and saxophone. After high school, he studied music in college on a scholarship but later lost it after absconding from school because he was not getting the grades and paying attention in class.

Subsequent to this, he was left with no choice but to pursue his career the hard way. He played in clubs and bars around his home, and also with several punk and blues bands as a drummer and a saxophonist.

His Debut Album was with the Arista Record Label in 1991

After his brief and uneventful career in Boise, Curtis Stigers relocated to New York City at the age of 21, precisely in 1987 to face new challenges. He rose to fame in 1991 with his debut album titled Curtis Stigers under the Arista record label. The album received multi-platinum sales, with the hit single I Wonder Why, being on the Top Ten Hot 100 hit.

The success of his first album was followed by the release of his second album, Time Was in 1995. After the release of this work, he left the Arista record label on mutual grounds. His reasons for leaving were because he was not given the chance to infuse his rootsy style into his music, but to strictly abide by the provisions made by the record label.

His next album, Better Days, came in 1999 and it was released under Columbia Records. This time around, he was allowed to infuse his rootsy style of music. Sadly, he made less-than-stellar sales of the album.

Next, Stigers signed a deal with Concord Jazz records in 2001, releasing a record of 9 studio albums in 14 years. Most of his works with the Concord records topped charts across the world. He also produced albums with the EmArcy records in 2020 and 2022 cultivating a successful touring career and playing concerts around the world.

Discography of Curtis Stigers

  • Curtis Stigers (1991), Arista records
  • Time Was (1995), Arista records
  • Brighter Days (1999), Columbia records
  • Baby Plays Around (2001), Concord Jazz records
  • Secret Heart (2002), Concord Jazz
  • You Inspire Me (2003), Concord Jazz
  • I Think It’s Going to Rain Today (2005), Concord Jazz
  • Real Emotional (2007) Concord Jazz
  • Lost in Dreams (2009) Concord Jazz
  • Let’s Go Out Tonight (2012) Concord Jazz
  • Hooray for Love (2014) Concord Jazz
  • Gentleman (2020) EmArcy records
  • This Life (2022) EmArcy records

Notable credit on films

  • The Bodyguard (1992) Soundtrack
  • Sons of Anarchy (2008-2014) Music Department
  • Who Watches the Watchman (2017) Composer
  • Ted 2 (2015) wedding singer

Meet Stiger’s wife, Jodi Peterson-Stigers

As indicated, Strigers’ wife is Jodi Peterson-Stigers. The pair met while they were working on a music fundraiser years ago and soon afterward, they became very close friends before getting married in 2019. Years later, the duo shares a very close bond. In an interview, Jodi made nice comments about the Jazz musician being a very caring husband and was lucky to have him in her life. This is probably Jodi’s first marriage and they have been married for 3 years without a kid.

As regards her personal life, Mrs. Stigers is Jewish and was brought up alongside two older siblings. While much about her childhood is not known, we know that she lost her mother in 2008 to a sickness. Her father followed in 2015. She lost him to depression.

In a public discussion, she said that her dad was her hero and he battled with depression for a long time before it claimed him. She also said that her dad’s death taught her a lot and that is why she chose the path of caring for people as a career.

Before Curtis’s marriage to Jodi Peterson, he was previously married to Amy Stigers

Curtis was previously married to a dancer namely, Amy Stigers before he met his current wife Jodi Peterson. The two met in 1983 and after dating for 10 years they tied the knots in 1993. They spent 18 years together before they finally divorced in 2011.

The reasons why they divorced are not fully known. Shortly after their divorce, Curtis said in an interview that, he was enjoying his life as a single person, even though he knew that divorce is an awful thing.

Their time together produced a daughter Ruby Stigers.

Ruby Stigers is Curtis Stigers’ Only Child

As stated, the 18 years of Curtis’ marriage to his former wife, Amy, produced a daughter, Ruby Stigers, who is the only child of the jazz musician.

She was born on 8 February 2001 and is currently 22 years old. Ruby graduated from high school in 2018 and continued her undergraduate studies at the Liberal Arts College.

The child has been spotted with her father on most occasions, especially on his Instagram page, where he teaches her how to play the guitar. Time shall tell if she will follow in the footstep of her dad by taking up a career in music.

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Other Things to know about The Jazz Musician

The Jazz Musician lost his father in 2014

The 57-year-old musician lost his father, Steven Stigers, on August 14, 2014. The father was ill for some time and he reportedly die of cancer in his residence at Garfield Arkansas at the age of 69.

He is not the only musician in his family

Curtis is not the only musician to have hailed from the Stigers family. His younger brother Jake Stigers is also a rock musician. Although his brother is not as acclaimed as he is, some of his notable works include, Coming Back Again (2004 album) and No Vacancy (2006 album). Jake is married to Suzanne and he is blessed with a daughter namely, Stella Stigers.

Curtis is also a dog trainer

According to the singer’s Instagram page, outside of music, he is also a dog trainer. He breeds dogs of different species.

How much is Curtis Stigers’ net worth?

As regards his fortune, Curtis Stigers has an estimated net worth of $2 million.  The jazz musician has been consistent in the music industry for over three decades, grazing shows and concerts, and has also earned stellar sales from his previous albums.



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