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Dan Fogelberg Wife- He Married 2 Times Before Jean Marie Mayer

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Dan Fogelberg was an American singer who before his death in 2007, had enjoyed a very successful career that ran from 1968 until he lost his life at the age of 56. While his musical career was a testament to many achievements, his love life was not the most impeccable. The rock musician and multi-instrumentalist walked down the aisle 2 times before he married Jean Marie Mayer.

The first woman to be referred to as the wife of Dan Fogelberg was Maggie Slaymaker. The pair married from 1982 to 1985, and then in 1990, he married Anastasia Savageuntil 1996. He remained unmarried until 2002 when he married Jean Marie Mayer with whom he remained until his death.

Dan Fogelberg Wife – Meet All The Women The Musician Married

1. Maggie Slaymaker (1982 to 1985)

When Dan met Maggie, he was already making a name for himself as a musician. Although not so much information is available about her, it is known that she is from Memphis and was brought up in a very rich family. After they met sometime in the 1970s, they dated for a while before they got married in 1982 and then they settled in a ranch owned by the musician in Southen Colorado.

The marriage seemed as though it was going to last a long time, but that was not to be as, after only three years, they both went their separate ways in divorce.

Before then, he had written some songs in her honor including his 1979 song, Longer which was said to be in reference to her. Since the end of the union, she has continued to maintain a very private life.

2. Anastasia Savage (1990 to 1996)

After his first marriage failed, Dan did not rush into a second immediately. In fact, he waited until after six years before he walked down the aisle for a second time when he married Anastasia Savage.

The pair were said to have first met in 1987 and started dating that same year. Anastasia gained fame thanks to her marriage to the singer. However, she had her own career as a nurse and painter. After they got married in 1990, she also got involved in his professional life when she worked on his River of Souls album in 1993 as an assistant engineer.

They shared more than feelings for each other because she had once worked with another musician, Georgia O’Keeffe as his private nurse, and Dan was also himself a painter and photographer. All these were not enough to prevent the marriage from ending in divorce 6 years after they got married in 1996. Nothing much was revealed about Anastasia since the end of the union.

3. Jean Marie Mayer (2002 to 2007)

The third and final marriage of Dan Fogelberg was to singer Jean Marie Mayer. The pair first met in 1996 while she was performing at a small cafe.

Jean was born in 1955 in St. Albans, New York. She spent the first few years of her life there before she moved to California when she was 5 years old. Raised with an interest in music, she started playing the guitar when she was 12 and within a very short time, she was good at the instrument and was already teaching others to play.

As regards her education Jean went to Alan Hancock College in Santa Maria, California. While there, she combined her education and her work as a waitress in a restaurant where she met two cooks who were also musicians. This was how she started her career as a singer and after a short while, she dropped out of college. Because she also loved painting and photography, something that Dan was also good at, he taught her the arts after their paths crossed in 1996 when they started dating.

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Jean Remained As Dan Fogelberg Wife Until His Death

Dan and Jean Fogelberg got married in 2002, and they remained together until the musician lost his life to cancer in 2007. He was diagnosed with the disease in 2004 and he started treatment immediately.

After three years of battling the disease, he reportedly died peacefully at the home he shared with his wife in Maine. Jean was said to be by his side when he lost the well-fought battle.

She is now involved in various foundations and organizations that are related to cancer including the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the American Cancer Society.

Did Dan Fogelberg Have Children?

From all the marriages of Dan Fogelberg, it is surprising that he did not have any kids of his own. While it was never revealed why he opted not to have or adopt any kids, it was clear that he seemed to be happy with that together with his wife.

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