Family MembersDarcey Mary Draper and William Garraway Draper: Meet Derek Draper’s Children

Darcey Mary Draper and William Garraway Draper: Meet Derek Draper’s Children

Before his condition, Draper has been a great father to his two kids and wife, Kate who is famous as a broadcaster. Here is all we know about his children and family life.

Derek Draper Has Two Kids With His Wife

As indicated, the marriage between Derek and Kate is one that has, thus far, been blessed with two amazing kids who are still quite young. Here is a look at his kids with Garraway:

Darcey Mary Draper Is The First of Derek Draper’s Children 

Darcey Mary Draper was born on March 10, 2006, which means she is now 17 years old. She was birthed in Hammersmith and Fulham, London, United Kingdom, a year after her parents, Kate Garraway and Derek Draper got married. Darcy was born at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital in London

Details about her educational pursuits are not clear, but it seems that at a point, she was homeschooled. This came to the fore after Kate revealed that she felt as though she failed her children because it was difficult for her to keep up with their homeschooling due to the condition of Derek.

Marcy made an appearance in the TV Series, Kate Garraway: Finding Derek which is a documentary about her family adjusting to the condition of her father who has been in the ICU for a very long time since he was down with COVID-19 in 2020. During the show, she revealed that it was scary thinking she might lose her dad, although she was still believing that he would come back home.

According to Kate, Darcey once told her she wished she was a young mother because she was scared that she might not be around for a very long time. This has made Kate to start paying more attention to her health. Kate Garraway is now 55 years old.

William Garraway Draper Is The Second

Better known as Billy, William Garraway Draper is the youngest member of the family. He was born on 28 July 2009, weighing in at 7lb 12 oz. Kate revealed that she had Billy after a 10-hour labor and he came resembling both parents.

Just like his older sister, William who is now 13 years old seems to also be homeschooled, and he appeared in the documentary about his father. According to Billy, he was hopeful that his father would get the better side of his illness and return home so that they would play lego.

A few years after the birth of William, Kate revealed that she would have loved to have more kids with her husband but considering her age, she decided against it. She had Darcy when she was 38 and then Billy when she was 42.

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Derek Draper and His Wife Got Married in 2005

Kate Garraway and Derek Draper have been together for close to 2 decades. The pair first met in 2004 after they were introduced by a mutual friend whose name is Gloria De Piero. A former political editor, Gloria contacted Kate asking if she had single friends who might want to meet Derek. Interestingly after a while, she was able to get attracted to Derek.

The pair soon began dating and then in 2015, they got married in a simple event. In 2021, they wanted to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary but that was not possible because of Derek’s battle with COVID.

Although it was the first marriage for Derek, he was not the first man to e Kate Garraway’s husband. The British broadcaster who was born Kathryn Mary Draper Garraway on May 4, 1967, was previously married to Ian Rumsey. The journalist and Ian, a Television producer, got married in 1998, but 5 years after that, they went their separate ways.

Kate claimed that she divorced her first husband because he had an affair with a younger presenter at ITV Meridian where they all worked. Rumsey insisted that he did not cheat on her, but she believed her suspicions because he was always going out and staying late.

What Is The Current State Of Derek Draper?

Derek Draper’s children and his wife are all scared for him because his condition which at first seemed to be improving is now reportedly getting a bad turn.

He was initially diagnosed with COVID-19 and after spending a long time in the ICU, he is now cured of the dreaded disease. However, he is still suffering from some long-term effects of the virus as his kidneys have failed while his liver is also not in a good place.

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