Family MembersDavid A. Arnold’s Wife, Julie L. Harkness, Kids, Cause of Death

David A. Arnold’s Wife, Julie L. Harkness, Kids, Cause of Death

by Nandom Kostu

David Arnold’s wife is Julie L. Harkness. While he was an African-American stand-up comedian, sitcom writer, producer, actor, and once a Navy veteran, Julie is a TV and Radio personality. She is also referred to as Julie Arnold. 

The pair have been married for 19 years, with two lovely daughters, Ashlyn and Anna Grace Arnold. Sadly, the popular African-American stand-up comedian passed on in the early weeks of September 2022. What led, to his death is said to be natural causes for now. This was however announced by his family members. Let’s get to know more about the late entertainer’s family.

Julie L. Harkness is David’s Wife

As indicated, Julie Harkness is David’s wife. The pair first met as far back as 2001 and got engaged in 2002. They got married on July 12, 2003, at a ceremony that was graced by friends and family members.

They share a very close bond during their 19 years of marriage and were happily blessed with two grown-up daughters.

As regard’s the background of Julie L. Harkness, she hails from Indianapolis, Indiana, and was born in 1970. She was born to famous parents. Her dad is Jerry Harkness, a famous basketball player who played for the New York Knicks and Indiana Pacers. He died on August 24, 2021 (81). Her mom is Judy Harkness a civil right activist, who was actively involved in the civil rights movement of the late Martin Luther King Jr. Her only sibling is Jerald Harkness, a film and documentary producer working with the content-creating company Studio Auteur.

Julie is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Point Park University. On her career path, she is best known as a dancer, TV personality, Radio personality, writer, and actress. She started her career as a dancer in the Ballet Magique group of which she is the dance director of the group. She has also made numerous appearances on shows and has had countless interviews with top celebrities.

Notable capacities and Accomplishments of Julie L. Harkness

  • One of the first African-American women to dance online at Radio Music City Hall
  • Dance director of the Ballet Magique dance group
  • A judge for fifteen years for the National Dance Championships of Showstoppers
  • A creative director, assisting executive producer and creator of the show, Anthony W. Johnson
  • Former reporter Radio City Rockette. Current On Air reporter Made in Hollywood
  • Spokesperson, The Today Show, CNN, and Bravo
  • A professional and classical trained dancer
  • Former Writer for the national publication magazine Dance Spirit


  • That Thing You Do (1996)
  • Because My Stand-Up Is Not Enough (2004)
  • Made in Hollywood TV series (2007-2020)
  • Black Love TV series documentary (2019)
  • Jimmy Buffett: Scenes You Know by Heart (2009)

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Meet Julie L. Harkness and David Arnold’s Children

As indicated, David Arnold’s 19 years of marriage to his wife Julie produced two amazing daughters, Ashlyn and Anna-Grace Arnold. Let’s get to meet the teenage celebrity kids properly.

Anna-Grace is the oldest of David Arnold’s kids

Anna-Grace is the oldest celebrity kid of the late comedian. She was born in Los Angeles, California on June 20, 2005. Anna is currently 17 years old and a graduate of high school.

She shares quality time with her family members and her friends as seen on her Instagram page. She is also an Avid female Volleyball player.

Ashlyn is the youngest kid of her parents

Ashlyn is the youngest of David’s kids. She was also raised in Los Angeles, California. The celebrity kid was born on June 1, 2007. She is currently 15 years old and she graduated from high school on 26 May 2022.

According to her mom, she is currently preparing for her college studies. She is also an avid female volleyball player following in the footstep of her older sister. The 15 -year-old also shares quality time with her family members and friends.

What led to the Death of the David A. Arnold?

The cause of death of David A. Arnold is not fully known at the moment, but going by the announcement made by his loved ones, we could garner that he died of natural causes.

His death was announced on September 7, 2022, and according to the announcement, he died peacefully at his residence at the age of 54.

At the time of his death, the comedian had lined up events for his Pace Ya Self USA comedy tours which were greatly anticipated by his fans all over the world. The Tour was said to last for a period of two months, from September through to October. Sadly he will be missed by many. He is survived by his wife, two loving daughters, and his relatives.



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