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Delilah Fishburne Is Laurence Fishburne’s Youngest Child – 7 Facts

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Delilah Fishburne is a young child celebrity whose claim to fame is as the daughter of famous Hollywood actor, Laurence Fishburne. Still, a young teenager who is yet to have a defined career path, she was birthed to the actor from his second marriage to actress Gina Torres.

Although she has been able to get the attention of the media for always appearing alongside her parents, Delilah has remained a subject of interest as not so much is known about her.

Fascinating Facts To Know About Delilah Fishburne

1. She was born in 2007 


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Currently 15 years old, Delilah Fishburne was born on  June 15, 2007, to the Blackish actor and Avengers actress. She was birthed in the United States but details surrounding her birth were never revealed.

Another aspect of her life that is not discussed is her education, although it is apparent that she is getting the best possible as she is from a very wealthy background; while Laurence Fishburne has a net worth of  $30 Million, Gina Torres has a net worth of $15 Million. 

2. Her parents were married for less than 15 years

Delilah’s parents, Laurence Fishburne and Gina Torres got married in 2002. Before long, they rose to become one of the most fascinating and power couples of Hollywood. Five years after they walked down the aisle, they had their first and only child, Delilah, in 2007.

Unfortunately, their union came to an end less than 15 years after their union. In 2017, the former lovers came out to state that they had decided on walking their separate paths. According to Gina, their love story had ended in a path that neither of them had anticipated. She insisted that there was no “bad guy” in their divorce. They were separated for almost a year before their divorce.

3. Gina and Fishburne shared custody of their daughter

While most end of marriages with kids involved are always acrimonious due to custody battles, the Matrix actor and his former wife opted that they do not want either of them to be given full custody of their daughter.

They filed and requested that they have shared custody of their daughter, a request which was granted. Because of this, the former power couple is able to maintain a good relationship for the same of their daughter.

4. Her mother was not her father’s first wife

Although it is with Gina that Laurence Fishburne is mostly known, she is not the first woman to be married to the famous actor. He was previously married to former actress, Hajna O. Moss. The pair got married in 1985 and after 7 years, the marriage ended.

5. Delilah Fishburne has two older siblings

Delilah Fishburne is the only child of Gina Torres, but she has two older siblings from the previous marriage of her father to Moss. Her eldest sibling is Langston Fishburne. Also an actor and producer, he was born on 29 February 1988.

Adult actress, Montana Fishburne is her other sibling. Montana was born on 7 September 1991.

6. She is unofficially the only daughter of he father

Although it is no secret that Laurence Fishburne has two daughters, Montanna and Delilah, he has since disowned his first daughter following the career path she has chosen as an adult actress.

According to Montana who appeared in her first adult film in 2010 when she was 18, she fell in love with the industry when she was 14 and unlike others who got into it to make ends meet, she got into it because of her love for the adult industry. Unhappy about the sad path his daughter took and unable to drag her from it, the legendary actor has since cut all ties with her.

Apart from her career in the adult industry, Montana Fishburne has also had a very troubling past. In 2017, she was arrested for driving under influence, and then towards the end of the same year, the then-25 years old beauty checked into rehab.

7. Both her parents have moved on since their divorce

Since the divorce between her parents, both have moved on with their lives rather very well. In fact, even before their divorce was official, Torres had already moved on as she was seen sharing a kiss with a man later identified as Kevin White. The pair made their relationship public in 2019 when they appeared on red carpets together.

Interestingly, Wright who is from Utah is claimed to be a divorced father of 6. He is a real estate executive and the last time they were linked was in 2019, hence it is not clear if they are still together.

Laurence has also moved on with his love life as he is said to be in a relationship with Bronwyn Anne Moylan, a woman in her late forties. Bronwyn and Fishburne reportedly started dating shortly after the divorce of the actor. In a twist, it emerged that Bronwyn was still married to a minister in his 80s when she started her affair with the actor.

It was reported that in her marriage to the minister which had lasted more than 15 years at the time, Bronwyn had been cheating on him for years.

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