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Diane Rogers Kiel Was Richard Kiel’s Wife- Love Story, Kids, Past Relationships

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Diane Rogers Kiel is one of those individuals who gained fame thanks to their marriage to famous individuals. She was the wife of American actor Richard Kiel for forty years until the death of the actor in 2014. Even though she was not the first woman to get married to the very tall actor, it is their marriage together that remained until death.

Because of their well-pronounced height difference, their union had always attracted the attention of the public, but that was never a problem for the lovely couple. In their 40 years together, they were blessed with two children.

Who Is Diane Rogers Kiel? 

A better part of the information about Diane Rogers is not known, but it is known that she was born and brought up in the United States.

As regards her education, it is claimed that she went to Charlton County High School in Folkston, GA from 1968 to 1969. She also went to Southeast Bulloch High School in Brooklet, GA.

Diane Rogers Kiel And Richard Kiel Got Married In 1974

jaws on Rogers Kiel became famous as an actor, mainly for playing Jawin James Bond films. He was still married to his first wife when he first met the woman that he later decided to marry, Diane Rogers.

After his first marriage came to an end, the actor found his way to Diane and they got married after only one year. There is no much information about the wedding. The couple remained together for the next 40 years until 2014 when the actor died.

Although the favorite and one of the most remarkable Bond Villains took his acting career seriously, one thing that he took even more seriously was his family. He loved his children and adored his wife.

The Marriage Was Blessed With Four Children

The marriage between Diane and Rogers was one that was blessed with four children; Jennifer Kiel, Christopher Kiel, Bennett Kiel, Richard George Kiel.

The oldest of the children is Richard Kiel who was born in 1975, followed by Jennifer Kiel who was born in 1978. In 1982, the couple was blessed with a set of twins, Bennett Kiel and Christopher Kiel.

Interestingly, his children have decided not to take after him in the entertainment business.

Previous Datings

On the part of Diane, she has never been linked to anyone in the past in terms of relationships apart from her husband. However, not the same was with the actor. As already stated, even before the pair first met, Richard used to be married to another woman.

The actor first got married in 1960 to Faye Daniels. Details about how they met and started dating was never revealed, but it is known that the marriage lasted until 1973 when the marriage came to an end in divorce. This was 13 years after their marriage. Even with the years they spent together, they did not have kids.

Apart from this relationship, there is nothing to suggest that Richard Kiel has other relationships in the past. There has been no information about Faye since the union ended, hence it is not known if she has walked down the aisle another time.

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Other Interesting Facts About Diane Rogers Kiel

Diane Rogers Kiel is not a tall woman

Considering that she is getting married to a man who has a height of 7 feet 2 inches, one would expect that his wife is tall. Well, Diane has a height of 5 feet 2 inches which makes her much shorter than her husband.

The height of her husband was due to hormonal defects

The massive height of Richard Kiel is not unrelated to a hormonal imbalance that he suffered while growing up. This was what gave him the massive height and also caused him to have some giant features.

Sher has always maintained a very private life

For someone who is married to a man as famous as the American actor, it remains very surprising to find out that Diane has maintained a very private life. Because of this, not so much is now known about her.

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