MarriedEllen Heidingsfelder: 7 Unknown Facts About Cooper Manning’s wife

Ellen Heidingsfelder: 7 Unknown Facts About Cooper Manning’s wife

While she is better known for her marriage and her career, there are also many more things to know about her.

Fascinating Details About Ellen Heidingsfelder

1. Ellen Heidingsfelder was born into a catholic family

Although the actual date of her birth is not known, it is known that Ellen was born to her parents, Dr. Charles E Heidingsfelder and Dot Heidingsfelder who were strong catholic members. Hence, it was following the doctrine of the catholic faith that Ellen was brought up alongside her four siblings, Molly Silvia (Charles), Jane Heidingsfelder, and Charles E Heidingsfelder, of blessed memory.

It was in New Orleans that Ellen was born and raised.

2. Her educational pursuits and career

As regards her educational pursuits, Mrs. Ellen Heidingsfelder Manning attended the Academy of Sacred Heart school until 1987. She was still attending this all-girls school when her path first crossed with that of Cooper.

From there she proceeded to the University of Virginia where she got a Bachelor of Arts degree. Next, she moved to Loyola University’s Law School. She gained admission into Loyola in 1994 and it was after this that she started her career as an attorney.

3. She met her husband when they were still very young

The love story of Ellen Heidingsfelder and Cooper is one that began when they were both very young. Cooper, was born and raised a Baptist, but he was later brought into the catholic faith and that was where he met the woman he would later marry.

According to Cooper, his parents loved Ellen so much that they would have advised him to go to the Middle East if she decided to move there.

4. Ellen Heidingsfelder and Cooper got married in 1999

After they dated for many years and got to know each other much more, the pair finally got married in 1999. Since then, they have continued to maintain a very strong bond.

Cooper has remained in the Catholic faith because he wanted to be united with his wife in faith and also because of the example of a catholic priest, Father David Boileau who first introduced him to the church.

5. Ellen is a mother of 3

The union between Ellen and Cooper is blessed with three wonderful kids; May, Arch, and Heid.

The oldest of the kids and the couple’s only daughter is May Manning. She was born in 2002 and attended the same high school as her mum, Academy of Sacred Heart School before proceeding to the University of Virginia.

May is followed by Arch Manning, born in 2004. He is pursuing a college career as a football player. The youngest child of Ellen Manning is Heid Manning. Born in 2006, he also has an interest in football, which is unsurprising, considering their family has the sport in the blood.

6. Her husband was heading towards a footballing career

Often referred to as the other brother, Cooper Manning is the oldest of three brothers including Eli and Peyton Manning, both of whom have made a name for themselves as legendary NFL players.

Cooper was also building a great career that was leading him to the NFL as he was a standout player at Isidore Newman High School where he set many records. With the hopes of proceeding to play in college and then the NFL, his career was cut short while he was in his senior year in high school when he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis.

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7. She lost her mother in 2020 To COVID

Ellen Heidingsfelder experienced numerous tragedies in the past including the death of her mother, Dot Heidingsfelder who died on March 31, 2020. Her death was said to be a result of Covid-19 complications. Dot was preceded in death by her husband and son, who died at the age of 77. She was married to her husband for 54 years before death came between them.

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