RelationshipsEstelle Berglin: Bio, Net Worth, Every Info About Julius Dien’s Ex-Girlfriend

Estelle Berglin: Bio, Net Worth, Every Info About Julius Dien’s Ex-Girlfriend

Berglin has worked very hard through the years to become as famous as she is, but one of the things that added to her fame most especially, among the online community was her relationship with the famous street magician, Justin Dein whom she began dating in 2020. Although the relationship did not last up to 2 years, it still afforded her significant recognition and she still gets mentioned in relation to the more popular Julius.

Quick Profile Of Estelle Berglin
  • Full name: Estelle Berglin
  • Nickname: Swealife
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: April 26, 1997
  • Estelle Berglin’s Age:25 years old
  • Ethnicity: Swedish ethnic background
  • Nationality: Swedish
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Sexual Orientation: Straigt
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Estelle Bergli’s Parents: Joakim Berglin and Annevie Berglin
  • Siblings: William Berglin

Estelle Berglin Is Now 25 Years Old

Estelle Berglin was born on April 26, 1997, which makes her currently 25 years old. She was birthed in Umea, Sweden, where she was also brought up. Her parents had an apartment in Spain when she was a little girl and because of that, her family also spent a lot of time there.

As regards her education, Estelle Berglin went to Dragonskolan College where she studied for a while before she later went to Brantbergsskolan College to complete her secondary education. Although she did not continue to the university, she obtained a bartender course in Phuket, Thailand at the European Bartender School (EBS).

During the course which lasted less than three months, she revealed that it was offered in English, Swedish, French, and Italian but she decided to go with the English course because she might want to work as a bartender in a place like Barcelona. The overall goal for doing the course was so that she could be traveling and going some work at the same time.

She made it clear that her only proper educational pursuit came to an end at the high school level because she did not enjoy schooling. Estelle has been to many parts of the world including Barcelona, Thailand, Dubai, Italy, Indonesia, and many more. One more fascinating thing about her is that she is multilingual. She speaks her mother tongue, Swedish, as well as English and a little bit of Spanish. She used to speak a little bit of Thai but she is no longer good with the language.

She Was Brought Up By Her Parents With A Brother

Of Swedish ethnicity, she was raised alongside her brother William Berglin by her parents, Joakim Berglin, and a mother whose name she has revealed on TikTok as Annevie Berglin. That said, she has always appeared alongside her father and brother on her father’s Instagram handle without a picture or mention of her mother.

While her father works in her home country with Smart Start, LLC in Stockholm, her mother is a tailor and her brother who has appeared in her YouTube videos is a football player. The 25 years old midfielder plays for the third-tier Swedish team. Team Thoren, after joining in January 2001. Before then, he played for Umea FC’s under-19 teams as well as IFK Umea.

Estelle Berglin Has A $500,000 Net Worth

As stated, Estelle Berglin has an estimated net worth of more than $500,000. She came by her enviable fortune from the many things she has been involved in over the years. Since the age of 14, she developed a strong sense of work as she started working for her dad at that point in her life. She did many things such as cleaning his office and since her dad works with breathalyzers, she helped to calibrate them. Also, she was always doing whatever she had to do in the office to raise more money and save because traveling was always a thing she dreamt about.

She started out with a regular job at Elle Magazine where she took a job as a videographer. The salary he got here is not known, but her life started to take a better shape after she left the magazine.

From there, she started raking in money while working as a freelance videographer, web developer, and much more. A bigger part of her net worth came from social media where she has a massive following of close to a million on Instagram, following her Swealife account. With such a following, it is estimated that she could be making anything between $1000 to $2000 with every post she makes. She also has another Instagram account for her fitness, Sweafit which has over 119 thousand followers. With that, she could be making anything between

Her YouTube channel also contributes a great deal to her fortune. She started it in 2013 and by May 2022, she had built it to have over 158 thousand subscribers and more than 26.2 million cumulative views. Her channel covers everything from fashion to fitness and lifestyle as well as comedy skits and details about her travel.

Her fortune has been boosted by her collaboration with many brands including the following:


Estelle Berglin’s Deals


  • Stronger
  • PrettyLittleThing
  • Lounge clothing brand
  • ana luisa
  • Fashion Nova
  • Swedish Supplements



While the above brands and a few others are those for which she has worked more extensively, she has also done some work as a photographer and videographer for some of the hotels and places that she visits in her traveling. These works have also added the numbers to her account or at least, covered some things for her. She stated that before she travels, she ensures to call hotels and places as such to let them know who she is and what she can offer. The strategy has always worked for her, but she has not revealed how much she earns from that.

She Has Achieved So Much At The Age Of 

As indicated, Estelle has come a long way at her age, having started creating a path for herself at the age of 14 when she had her first aforementioned working experience under her father. As a kid growing up, she was so much of an introvert and because of this, she spent so much time alone. This pushed her to start her YouTube channel when she was 15 years old. Interestingly, she started geeking long before then. Not only was she making her own videos, but she was also using the platform to learn many other things including how to shoot videos, edit, photography, and many more.

The highly talented and mostly self-taught influencer started what could be termed her more proper career when she was a teenager of 19 years old. At the time she was still yet to finish her high school education when ELLE approached her with an offer to work for the magazine as a videographer. She got the offer to work for a reputable company after they came across her videos on her YouTube channel.

She took the offer and joined immediately after she was done with high school and because of this, she opted to skip university so that she could explore the windows that the new opportunity was opening to her. Estelle Berglin worked with ELLE for a period of only six months and after that, she asked herself why she couldn’t do it for herself if someone could pay her to do it for them. Because of this question, came to a decision that she wanted to work for herself. This was what led her to turn her passion for traveling into another venture and that was how she got into traveling.

Since then, she has not had any full-time employment instead, the self-described tech geek has been into so many things including freelance videography and photography, web design and online marketing, and also vlogging. Apart from running her social media platforms, she also does market work for various product companies on google and Facebook. In the simplest of terms, she described who she is, professionally, as a social media nomad.

At her age, she has been able to continue to build her fortune by avoiding expensive places and things even though she can afford them. She made it known in an interview that even though she loves to travel, she always looked for less expensive accommodation where she wouldn’t have to spend too much. In addition to that, she reaches out to different companies and she only gets 6 hours of sleep each day because of the things she wants to accomplish.

Her parents influenced her into starting her career in fitness 

Estelle has built a life around fitness, but that was not something she picked along the line. She was birthed by parents who were very much into fitness and so when she was very little, somewhere between the ages of 5 and seven, she always went with her parents and brother to the gym. It was at that age that she fell in love with it. At first, she just enjoyed watching her parents do it but later, she also just wanted to be like them.

Thanks to her fitness career, Estelle has a great body build. She stands at 5 feet 1 inch tall and has a body weight of  56 kg. Although there are various platforms that claim her height to be between 5 feet 4 and 5 feet 5, she revealed in a video that she is actually 5 feet 1.


Estelle Berglin’s Physical Attributes


  • Height: 5 feet 4 Inches
  • Weight: 56kg
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Hazel



Who is Estelle Berglin’s Boyfriend?

Looking at her personal life, Estelle Berglin’s boyfriend used to be Julius Dein, but it is not clear who she might be dating at the moment or if she is single. Estelle and Julius began dating in 2019 after they were said to have first met on social media and then they got off almost instantly. Speculations first started that they were an item when the blonde beauty appeared for the first time on his Instagram and since then, they continued to feature each other on their social media until the end of 2021 after celebrating their one-year anniversary in August 2021.

Dein is also a social media influencer and magician who has been referred to as the face of modern-day magic. He has been do different places around the world carrying out his tricks, sometimes with the help of Estelle. Even though Estelle has an admirable social media presence, her following is dwarfed by that of her better half who has over 60 million followers across different platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok. Interestingly, her rapid growth on social media had been linked to her relationship with the famous magician.

At the start of 2022, there were rumors that their relationship had come to an end as they were hardly seen sharing each other’s pictures as before on social media. However, in January of the year, Dein shared a prank video with Estelle. Since then, there has been nothing more about them as a couple. More so, they have neither featured each other on their individual spaces since then nor do they now follow each other on Instagram. With this, followers are convinced that the two are no longer dating, but neither of them has come out to confirm or deny the speculations.

Before then, Estelle and Justin met, the magician had previously dated actress, Madison Willow before they went their separate ways, and then she came out to claim that she was verbally abused and taken advantage of by the magician after they dated for only a few months. Others that he dated are actress Amber Doig-Thorne and singer Lauren Jauregi. The love life of Estelle, on the other hand, is unknown before she met the magician.

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