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Hilary Quinlan Is Bryant Gumbel’s Wife- Their Love Story And Facts

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Once described as a “leggy blonde”, Hilary Quinlan is a former Goldman Sachs analyst and model. She became popular for being the wife of former “Today” and “Early Show” co-anchor Bryant Gumbel. Hillary and the media personality have been together since the late 1990s, although it was a few years later that they got married.

With accusations against Gumbel of being a serial adulterer and a cheat by his first wife, hardly did many people expect his second marriage to last. However, the journalist and Hilary seem to be doing just fine more than a decade since they got married.

Hilary Quinlan Is Not The First Wife Of Bryant Gumbel

Hilary Quinlan
June Baranco and Bryant Gumbel (image Source)

While the marriage of Bryant Gumbel with Hilary Quinlan is the one that seems to be heading towards forever, she is not the first woman to become his wife. The journalist got married the first time to June Gumbel who is also referred to as June Baranco in 1973.

With two kids between them, the marriage seemed as though it was going to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, it came to an end in 2001 following their divorce after close to 30 years of marriage. What was more troubling was that he met June when he was still a teenager and she was with him until he built his fortune and rose to the pinnacle of

According to June Gumbel, the reason why she left the marriage was that her husband cheated on her all through their years together. However, the final straw that led to the divorce was after he left her for another woman whose name is Hilary Quinlan. His then-wife also found letters and pictures with numerous other women that he allegedly had affairs with.

She Moved In With Him Even Before His Divorce Was Completed

In 1998, Bryant reportedly walked out on his marriage with his first wife for his then-lover, Hilary Quinlan. His wife filed for divorce as he did not only walk out on her and their kids but also refused to foot any expenses that came even though he was making $600,000 a month as co-host of CBS’s “The Early Show.”

To the allegations of cheating on his wife, Bryant through his lawyer, made a simple statement “so what?” He acknowledged that he was seeing another woman but he was also providing for June and the kids.

It was during this storm that the journalist and Gumbel started living together. In 2001, the bitter divorce came to an end with June getting their Upper East Side apartment and Westchester estate. She also got half of his fortune which at the time was put at an estimated $20 million.

With the divorce done off with, Bryant Gumbel finally got married to Hilary Quinlan in August 200. The marriage was a private affair that was attended by only 25 of their close friends and family members. The union was held at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Fla. Before the marriage, he proposed to her in December 2001.

They Have No Kids Together

While the marriage was the second for the award-winning journalist, it was the first for Hilary who was 42 years old, while Gumbel was already 54. That said, the journalist has two kids from his first marriage with June Gumbel; Bradley Christopher Gumbel who was born in 1978, and Jillian Beth Gumbel who works as an American TV personality and Yoga athlete. Jillian was born in 1984.

On her part, Hilary has never had kids before meeting her husband, and even though they have been married for close to 20 years, the pair has no children together. With her husband already over 70, while he is in her late 50s, it is doubtful if they have plans for kids.

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Hilary Quinlan Has Been Supportive Of Her Husband

Hilary Quinlan
Hilary Quinlan, Bryant Gumbel, Maria Lo (Image Source)

The union between Hillary and Bryant has lasted close to 20 years now. One of the main things about the pair is how much supportive of her husband the former model has been.

In 2009 when he was down with cancer, she tried to keep the matter a private affair while helping him back to health, but because of the fear that the news would get out, Bryant decided to make the public aware. He reported having cancer that was first thought to be cancer of the lungs. He had surgery through which a tumor close to his lung was removed.

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