TipsI Hate My Wife- 5 Reasons Why You Feel That Way And...

I Hate My Wife- 5 Reasons Why You Feel That Way And What You Can Do

“I hate my wife” This is a statement you have probably heard someone say, or maybe it is one that you are saying right now. Well, it is not something that is entirely new because even though marriages are meant to last forever, people still find themselves falling out of love along the way.

There are some that survive just falling out of love but for some others, it grows to hate for their partners. It could be a temporary feeling, probably because of what your wife has done or permanently, that the marriage may end up in divorce or it may continue to be an unhappy union until one of you dies. There are a million and one reasons why you can hate your wife, but we take a look at the top five reasons.

Top Reasons Why You May Currently Be Saying “I Hate My Wife!”

I Hate My Wife
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1. You are not getting the right sex you need

One of the most important reasons why men fall out of love and hate their partner is because of the lack of sex. Because a man naturally has a higher appetite for sex, he is usually more drawn to it than women. When your wife is always looking for one excuse or another to deny you, you start feeling she doesn’t care about your feeling and so you gradually start to hate her.

This is mostly true because for most men, sex is a way of easing out stress and so when your wife is not ready to cooperate, you feel rejected and dejected, which starts to build frustration.

2. She is not putting as much effort into making the marriage work

Everyone knows that it takes so much effort from both parties involved to make a relationship work. If you have a wife who seems not to care so much if the marriage works or not, and she doesn’t put in her energy at seeing that your relationship is sustained, it is very possible for you to state hating your wife.

It becomes more frustrating when she is constantly threatening to leave you or throw the marriage into the bin after every small argument. When that continues to happen, your patience stretches until you no longer care, and that is when you start to hate your wife.

3. The respect is not there

For a man, respect is everything, because he guards his ego jealously. When your wife does not respect you as a man, and when she continues to nag, shout at you in public, and not give you the due curtsey you feel you desire, it hurts the ego and gradually, the feeling of hatred towards her begins to creep in.

Another way that a wife can show disrespect is when she does not protect your secrets or privacy. She talks about you to her family and friends and she doesn’t protect your privacy both as a husband and as a couple.

4. Something about your wife has changed

You may find yourself being frustrated or having the feeling that you hate your wife if everything about her begins to change rapidly. She used to be fun-loving but nothing seems to interest her anymore. She seems distant and has refused to let you in on what the problem may be.

5. You may as well be the reason

There are times that you may hate your wife or even people close to you, not because of what they have done or are doing, but rather because of something you may be going through such as anxiety or depression. You may also have this feeling when you are going through a mid-life crisis.

Other things that can make you hate your wife or anyone closest to you include some setbacks you may be experiencing either in your professional or financial life which now make you feel less of yourself.

When Should I Be Worried?

The feeling that you hate your wife is not something that one should necessarily worry about because once in a while, you will feel like you hate your wife probably because of something she has done or because of something you are going through. There should be no cause for alarm since we sometimes hate even ourselves.

There are times, however, that you should start being worried when you feel like you hate your wife. When you sustain such feelings for a very long time, then it is something that you should worry about.

More so, if the feeling becomes too strong that you do not want to share a place or anything else with her, then it is time for you to start worrying.

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What You Can Do When You Feel Like You Hate Your Wife

I Hate My Wife
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The first thing you need to understand when you start having the feeling that you hate your wife is that there is a possibility that you are only going through some personal challenges as a result of something she has done or even sometimes, something unrelating to her. Whatever it may be, here are things you can do to help you through:

1. Talk – The most important thing in a marriage is communication, and so you will want to communicate with your wife in case there is something that she is doing that is not going down well with you. More so, if you feel sex-starved, you can also communicate this to your wife as it may help get her to loosen up a little bit more.

2. Seek counseling – Marriage counseling is another great avenue that you can decide to try to fix your marriage if you start having any unhealthy feelings towards your wife.

3. Find ways of rekindling your love – You can take your wife out on a romantic date, have a hobby together, or find something that the two of you can enjoy doing together. That may help bring back the love you once shared.

4. See her differently – Since everything depends on the manner in which we view the world and people around us, a shift in the way that you look at your wife may also help change your feeling towards your wife.

5. You may also want to change yourself – It is always easy for us to want changes from everyone else apart from ourselves when sometimes, the problem is from us. You may want to look inwards and see where you can also make some changes that will help your marriage.

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