Family MembersIda Lundgren: Dolph Lundgren’s Daughter Is A Famous Actress

Ida Lundgren: Dolph Lundgren’s Daughter Is A Famous Actress

While she may not be as celebrated as her father at the moment, Ida Lundgren is also into the acting line. She is an actress who has become known for her numerous works including Command Performance (2009) and Castle Falls Emily (2021).

The Birth And Early Life Of Ida Lundgren

It was in Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden that Ida Sigrid Lundgren was born on April 29, 1996, which means she is currently 26 years old. She was birthed as the first child of her parents, Dolph Lundgren, Anette Qviberg, and was brought up alongside a sister, Greta who was born in 2001.

In 2011 when she was 15, the marriage between her parents came to an end in divorce. However, both her parents have always remained very close in the life of Ida and her sister.

Other details including the educational life of Ida have remained unknown.

Her Acting Career Began In 2009

Growing up with a father who is an actor might have drawn her interest in the field since she was a child. However, it was in 2009 when she was only 13 years old that Ida got to make her first movie appearance in the film, Command Performance. She starred alongside her father in the film. He also doubles as the writer and director.

Her next big project came in Castle Falls, a 2021 film that was also directed by her father. The two appeared in the production together, taking the roles of father and daughter.

She has also appeared in other productions including the TV Series Berg Flatter In (2012) and Gumball 3000 Med Erik och Mackan (2015).

Modeling Has Also Been Her Thing

Even though it is mostly as an actress and daughter of the famous actor that she is known, Ida Lundgren is also a model. She has worked with numerous brands in the past including Boohoo, WOO di Giulia Petronella, Rare Jewelry, and Louis Vuitton. More so, agencies such as TREND, MIKAS, and Wilhelmina have all represented her at different points in the past.

Ida’s modeling career has been enhanced by the fact that she is highly blessed with good looks and a great body. The actress stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches and she has a slim body build. She also has blonde hair, something she picks from her famous father and mother.

She maintains her great looks through fitness training amongst other things.

Ida Lundgren Has Been into Many Human Related Activities

Ida Lundgren does not only limit herself to acting and modeling as she has also been involved in some activities for the benefit of humanity. She has joined campaigns against racism as well as activities that seek to raise awareness against human trafficking.

The Love Life Of Ida Lundgren Is Hidden

Ida Lundgren does not hesitate to share different aspects of her life with her fans and followers on social media, but one as pect that she has kept a secret is her love life. While it is known that she has never been married, it is not known whether she is in any relationship at the moment, nor has she ever been known to have a boyfriend.

It was once rumored that she had a boyfriend in the past, but nothing is known about the said individual since she has made no mention of his existence.

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She Is Older Than Her Father’s Fiancee

Years after the marriage between her parents ended in divorce, her father is set to get married to Emma Krokdal after they got engaged in 2021.

The Rock IV actress has been dating Emma for many years now even though she is 39 years younger than him. Interestingly, Emma who is 25 years old is also younger than Ida who as stated, is now years 26  old.

Emma Krokdal is a Norwegian-born Personal Trainer who lives and works in Los Angeles. She always shares her pictures with Lundgren on her Instagram account which has over 29 thousand followers.

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