DatingIs Dawit Eklund Malia Obama’s Boyfriend? All Unknown Facts About Him

Is Dawit Eklund Malia Obama’s Boyfriend? All Unknown Facts About Him

Even before his alleged relationship with the former President’s daughter, Dawit had already started getting attention thanks to his musical prowess. While he has not made it big to the mainstream, he has still managed to release songs including.

Is Dawit Eklund Really Malia Obama’s Boyfriend

Malia Obama was first rumored to have a new boyfriend in Dawit Eklund in August 2022 after the two were sighted more than a couple of times in just 9 days. The rumor got heated up after they were seen on August 4 at the Los Angeles County Museum of the Art.

Before then, Malia who is 9 years younger than Dawit, and the musician were first seen together on July 26 when they were picking a take-out order and next, they were seen on August 2nd.

Even though neither of them has come out to state whether they are in a relationship or not, Netzins have all but concluded Dawit Eklund is Malia Obama’s boyfriend because apart from just seeing them together, they were also pictured hugging with Dawit’s hands on her waist while she was caressing his neck.

Who Is Dawit Eklund?

Quick Profile of Dawit Eklund


  • Full Name: Dawit Eklund
  • Other names: David Eklund
  • Age: 33 years old
  • Date of birth: August 1989
  • Place of Birth: United States
  • Relationship Status: dating
  • Girlfriend: Malia Obama
  • Famous For: Being Malia Obama’s boyfriend
  • Career: Musical producer
  • Parents: Jon Eklund and Yeshi Eklund
  • Siblings: 3 including Sara Eklund
  • Ethnicity: African American
  • Nationality: Ethiopian American



A musician and music producer, Dawit Eklund was born in the United States in August 1989, which means he is now 33 years old. It was also in the US that he was brought up.

Of African American descent, his father, Jon Eklund is a retired State Department officer while his mother whose name is Yeshi Eklund is said to be an entrepreneur. His mum migrated from Ethiopia where she was born and his father also has his roots in Ethiopia.

He was raised alongside 3 siblings including an elder sister, Sara Eklund. The founder of Noble Cup, she was recognized in a post by Vogue magazine for bringing the menstrual cup movement to Ethiopia.

Dawit got his education in the US and in Ethiopia where he attended the International Community School in Addis Ababa. From there, he proceeded to George Washington University. There he studied International Development in Africa.

He Became Known As A Music Producer

Career-wise, Dawit Eklund whose English name is David, has gained recognition for being a musician and a music producer. He launched his record label 1432 R in 2014 together with Mikael Seifu who is also a producer.

Although it was founded in the United States, the record label is dominated by traditional sounds from Ethiopia, most especially Ethiopian folk music.

Meet The Past Boyfriends Of Malia Obama

Dawit is not the first boyfriend of Malia. While his case is still considered speculations, it is known that the former member of the first family once dated Rory Farquharson.

Rory and Malia first met while they were students at Havard where he played collegiate football.

Malia and her former boyfriend were first linked in 2017 when they were seen in a video kissing. From then, they were always seen together. In 2018, they traveled to Paris where they spent a weekend together.

The two remained together for a while before they went their separate ways. It is not clear when and why they ended their relationship, but distance could as well be one of the reasons since while Malia is in the States, her former beau lives in the UK.

Fast Facts About Dawit Eklund

1. He is believed to be a heavy smoker just like Barak Obama.

2. Dawit spent his childhood in different parts of the world including Ethiopia and Côte d’Ivoire where his father now lives.

3. He is a registered Democrat.

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