UncategorizedJason Siemon Is Lara Logan’s Ex-husband – Her Love Life, Other Facts

Jason Siemon Is Lara Logan’s Ex-husband – Her Love Life, Other Facts

Logan’s controversial take on issues did not help her situation when she found herself in muddy waters. The details contained in her marriage to the former international basketballer and her alleged extramarital affairs is a tale of many love triangles involving Middle east war fronts.

Jason Siemon And Lara Logan 10-year-old Marriage

There was a time love happened to two unsuspecting individuals. Lara and Jason first met at a Beach in London and fell in love with each other.

At the time, they were building their budding careers. After dating for a year, they decided to get married shortly after. They tied the nuptial knot in 2008 and were together for over nine years. Jason and Lara’s marriage was a first for both of them. Lara’s career as a journalist took off and soared high.

Their Messy Divorce and Lara’s Many Affairs

Their beautiful love story cracked when the two decided to get divorced. The real truth about their divorce is not known as none of them revealed it. Yet, their differences were not reconcilable.

While the embers of separation were burning brightly, a can of worms was opened about Lara’s romantic affairs. Lara was allegedly involved with three men apart from her soon-to-be ex-husband, Jason Siemon.

The first affair was with Michael Ware who was working for CNN at the time. He was a correspondent fully based in Iraq during the war. He last corresponded for CNN in 2009. His marriage broke down due to the time he spent reporting on war.

Secondly, she was allegedly carrying another man’s child but not Jason’s. Though the paternity of her pregnant child linked a colleague at work, Lara was also seeing a different man, Joseph Burkett.

The third man she was seeing was not the work colleague but a boyfriend she was seeing while processing her divorce. It turns out this man is Joseph Burkett. As a result of how smitten they were with her, Burkett and Ware got into endless arguments because of her.

Other Fascinating Details About Lara Logan

Jason Siemon
Lara Logan, husband Joe Burkett, and their children (Image Source)

1. Lara Logan is currently Married to Joseph Burkett

Logan and Joseph (Joe) Burkett started having a fling while they were still married to other people. In fact, when their relationship became serious, she broke up with Ware to concentrate on Burkett. They first met in Afghanistan. At the time, Logan was recently divorced from Jason while Burkett was with his wife, Kimberly.

They later met in Iraq and their relationship became solid. Their love blossomed in the war zones of the middle east where they worked in different capacities. Burkett was a defense contractor while Logan reported news right from the war front for CBS.

They welcomed their first child, Joseph on December 29th, 2008. Coincidentally, the year (2008) she gave birth to Joseph was the year she got divorced from her first husband. Lara gave birth to their second child, a girl in 2010.

2. She was assaulted in Egypt while Reporting News

Lara was assaulted by an unidentified crowd in Egypt. The ugly incident happened on February 15 while covering the celebrations at Tahrir Sqaure after Hosni Mubarak’s resignation. Though she was rescued by some women, the damage had been done.

She was still reporting when she was attacked by the crowd and could be heard saying stop before everything went off. CBS reported the rape incident while Lara was immediately flown to America.

3. Lara’s Current Husband was Married to Kimberly

Lara’s husband had his share of a publicized divorce from his first marriage. It is alleged that his first wife had asked for a divorce on several occasions in which he refused to grant her the wish.

However, he changed his mind when he filed for divorce in January of 2008.

4. Her First Husband has also Moved beyond their Divorce

Jason Siemon lives a quiet life away from media fuss. Despite their messy divorce with Lara, Jason has given love a chance again. Sources claim he is married to a nurse from America.

He once made his living as a basketball player for different European teams. Jason works for an energy drink in the US.

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5. She was placed on leave for Giving Wrong Benghazi Report

Her career as a war journalist has earned her lots of respect round the world. But there was a time, her life went to the deep end, it happened about the same time she was fired for giving a wrong report.

In 2013, Logan offered an apology for giving a wrong report about the Benghazi attack. According to her, the problem started from the intel report she got from Dylan Davis. The conflict came from the different version of report he gave her and the one he gave the federal investigators.

Her employer, CBS News forced her to take a leave of absence due to the conflicting report.

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