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Jayne Posner Is The First of Neil Diamond’s 3 Wives- Their Marriage And Divorce

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Jayne Posner was once living a simple and quiet life until her marriage to American singer-songwriter and actor, Neil Diamond made her popular. She was a school teacher who had a long-term relationship with the singer before they got married in 1963. Unfortunately, this marriage did not last a long time before it finally ended in divorce.

Since the union ended, Neil went on to marry two more times while his former wife continued to live a very private life, and nothing more was heard of her.

Jayne Posner and Neil Diamond Met Before The Fame

The love story of Neil and Jayne is one that went back years before he even became a musician. It was revealed that the singer met Jayne when they were both still in high school.

At the time, he was still yet to come to the realization that he was gifted with musical talent. However, while they dated, the talent began to show and Jayne encouraged him to pursue that path. According to him, he gives her credit as one of those people that encouraged him into becoming a musician.

It has been revealed that the very first song he wrote for her was when he was only 17 years old. He once worked as a waiter among other things.

Jayne and Neil Diamond Got Married In 1963

Having dated for a few years, Neil Diamond asked Jayne to marry him and she agreed. They got married in 1963 when Neil was only 22 years old.

The union soon produced two kids, Marjorie Diamond, and Elyn Diamond. Both his have not made any serious attempt at making a career in music like their father and so not much is known about them.

The Divorce Between Neil and Jayne Posner Diamond

The marriage between the pair did not last a long time before it emerged that they were both walking separate paths in divorce. The marriage ended after only 6 years in 1969. Before this, they had already separated since 1967.

Although reasons for the divorce was never given to the public, the singer remained with guilt for a long time because according to him, not only was his first wife a wonderful woman, he blamed himself for the divorce because he did not put in much work to ensure the marriage worked. There were sources that stated his long absence from his wife and kids was one of the things that ended the marriage.

More so, another guilt he carried for a long time was regarding his role as a father, believing there was so much he didn’t do.

Jayne’s Future Relationships

Since her marriage to Neil ended when she was still a young woman, Jayne almost disappeared from public life completely. She dedicated all her energy to bringing up her kids.

In the same way that nothing has been revealed about her since the divorce, it has not been revealed whether she has found love again or she continued to live her life as a single woman.

Neil Diamond Got Married Two More Times

Marcia Murphey (1969 to 1995)

Only weeks after his marriage to Jayne Posner came to an end, Neil walked down the aisle a second time when he got married to his second wife, Marcia Murphey who worked as a TV producer. They dated for a while before they tied the knot in 1969.

Neil wanted this marriage to work well and not end in the same fashion as his first. Unfortunately, by 1995, the union went a similar pattern and it came to an end. The couple had two kids between them; Jesse Diamond and Micah Diamond.

Neil found himself feeling guilty again that the 26-year-old marriage ended. According to reports, the divorce settlement was the most expensive at the time as Murphy took home more than $150 million. Neil later pointed out that although the figure was wrong, he paid his former wife so much money to take care of her for the rest of her life.

He Dated Rae Farley For 13 Years

A year after his second divorce, Neil Diamond started a relationship with Rae Farley, who worked as a production assistant. He confessed that the relationship was not heading anywhere even though it was hard for them to break up.

They remained together for 13 years before it ended in an unhappy way in 2008. Neil claimed they remained in the relationship but had no marriage plans. Rae was 30 years younger than the singer.

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He Married His Third Wife Katie McNeil In 2012

Jayne Posner’s former husband Neil Diamond revealed that after two marriages and a failed relationship, he was not looking for a relationship when another woman, Katie McNeil came into his life.

Interestingly, she worked as his co-manager. She never wanted to get involved with him because he was her client and then there were other complications. Nonetheless, the chemistry between them kept increasing and she agreed to finally give it a try and so they walked down the aisle in 2012.

Born in 1970, she was 42 years old when she got married to Neil. This means she was 29 years younger than the singer. He revealed that he has finally found the happiness he had always longed for.

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