DivorceJennifer Youngblood Is Dave Grohl’s Ex-wife- 10 Unknown Facts About Her

Jennifer Youngblood Is Dave Grohl’s Ex-wife- 10 Unknown Facts About Her

Jennifer Youngblood is a photographer who has become known as the ex-wife of famous musician, Dave Grohl. Although Grohl is now married to his wife Jordyn Blum since 2003 and he seems to now have had a stable family for close to two decades, his first attempt with Jennifer did not turn out well.

Many years after the divorce, the photographer has kept a very low profile but that has not stopped people from wanting to know more about her and what she has been up to.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Jennifer Youngblood

1. Jennifer is a Michigan girl 

Although much information about her birth and childhood is not available, it is known that it was in Grosse Pointe Michigan that Jennifer Leigh Youngblood was born and brought up. There are some reports that indicated she was born in 1971.

2. Jennifer Youngblood is a photographer

Youngblood may not be as famous as her former husband, but she also has a life of her own. She is said to have a career as a photographer. She had this career before they got married.

3. She got married to the American musician when she was still very young

Jennifer and Dave got married in 1994. At the time, her husband was 25 years old while according to him, his wife was much more younger than he was. They were said to have first met in 1992 when Grohl was with Nirvana. Their meeting was when Dave was on tour with the band and almost instantly, they fell in love and started dating before going on to marry 2 years later after his bandmate, Kurt Cobain died.

The marriage lasted only three years as, by 1997, they had both parted ways in divorce.

4. Jennifer Youngblood divorced Dave Grohl because of infidelity

The end of the young marriage between Jennifer and Dave was said to be because of Dave’s infidelity. He did not deny this but also stated that other things that have also contributed to the end of the marriage was the fact that they were both very young when they married. He also added that another thing that might have contributed was that they were not ready to get married when they did.

5. She did not have any kids with her former husband

The three-year-old marriage between the two former lovers did not result in any kids. Neither of them has come out to reveal whether they had problems having kids at the time or made a decision against it.

6. The Divorce made Pat Smear leave Foo Fighters

It was no secret that Jennifer and Foo Fighter’s guitarist Pat Smear have been very close for a very long time. When the marriage between Jennifer and Dave came to an end, Pat who was torn between the two and also going through some issues decided to end his partnership with Foo Fighters. Thankfully, he made his way back a few years later.

7. Dave Grohl is still fond of his ex-wife

Although things did not work out for them and he has since found love, Dave is still fond of his former wife and they do not harbor ill feelings towards each other. He indicated that she missed her as she was one of the funniest weirdos he had ever met.

8. Jennifer Youngblood’s relationship with the Foo Fighters’ frontman contributed to some projects of the band

Youngblood’s romance with Dave was said to have inspired the debut song of the band, This Is A Call, which was written in 1994 when the couple was in Dublin, Ireland shortly after their wedding for their Honeymoon.

In addition to that, she was behind the cover art for the band’s very first album, Foo Fighters (1995) being a photographer. In 1997, when their marriage ended, she became the inspiration for the band’s Everlong which appeared in The Colour and the Shape album.

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9. Her former husband has since remarried

Six years after Jennifer Youngblood and Dave Gohrl divorced, the rock musician got married to his second wife, Jordyn Blum who used to be a model, director, and producer. They are still together and are blessed with three daughters; Violet Maye Grohl, Harper Willow Grohl, and Ophelia Saint Grohl.

Unsurprisingly, Violet Grohl who was born in 2006 is also a talented singer while Harper, born in 2009, and Ophelia born in 2014 are still yet to decide what they want since they are very young.

10. Where is Jennifer Youngblood today?

Since her divorce, youngblood has continued to maintain a very private life. It is not known if she has tied the knot a second time or if she has any kids.

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