DivorceJill Diven Is Brad Garrett’s Ex-wife- Details About Their Separate Love Lives

Jill Diven Is Brad Garrett’s Ex-wife- Details About Their Separate Love Lives

Since her marriage to the Everybody Loves Raymond actor came to an end, Jill has continued to maintain a very private life so much that not much is known about her in the public domain.

Jill Diven and Brad Garrett Met In The 1990s

Born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado, Jill Diven was brought up in a very humble background by her parents, Lecial Loyette Diven and James. From all indications, she was raised as an only child.

She worked as a waitress in Las Vegas at a time when Brad started a wellness plan. It was thanks to this that their paths first crossed and they almost instantly fell for each other.

They started a serious relationship and only two months later, the actor asked Jill to move in with him into his newly acquired Hollywood Hills home. Although she initially rejected the offer, he persuaded her into agreeing.

Three months after she moved in with him, Jill became pregnant and that accelerated their plans for a wedding.

He Proposed To Her On-Set in 1998

Brad whose real name is Brad Gerstenfeld took the bold step of proposing to his Jill on the set of Everybody Loves Raymond. According to Brad, the reason behind rushing in to get married was because he never had what was a real family, something he really wanted.

The two walked down the aisle in 1999, and for the next four years, everything seemed to be going well for them. The actor revealed that one of the main similarities he had with his former wife was that both of them did not like being alone.

The Marriage Produced 2 Kids

The marriage between Jill Diven and Brad Garrett was blessed with two wonderful kids, Hope Violet Garrett and Maxwell Bradley Garrett. While Hope was born in January 2000, her brother was born on 14 October 1998. 

Hope did not follow in the footsteps of her father, but Maxwell did just that. He is an actor, a voice-over artist, and a film director among other things.

Brad Garrett And Jill Diven Divorced in 2007

By 2007, news emerged that the marriage between the two had finally ended in divorce. The actor revealed that four years after they walked down the aisle, they were caught in many serious issues which led to their separation in 2005, and then two years later, they called it quits.

The end of the 8-year marriage was said to be a result of irreconcilable difference. Brad noted that he and his wife didn’t get to know each other well enough before they got married, even though he didn’t state if this later contributed to the divorce.

They Settled For Joint Custody Of Their Children and Major Split Of Assets

At the end of their marriage, Diven and Brad came to an agreement to share a joint legal and physical custody of their children who were both less than 10 years old at the time.

More than that, their assets were also split almost into two between them. Court documents indicated that he was going to pay $7,400 a month for their son, Maxwell, and for Hope, he was going to give  $12,600 in child support, adding up to $20,000 each month. This payment was expected to continue until hope either reached 19 years old or graduated from high school.

In spousal support, Jill Diven is getting between $35,000 and $44,900 every month. The document shows she was to continue getting the support until 2018, she got married again, or she died.

They Remain Friends

While their marriage did not work out as they hoped it would, it did not stop Jill and Brad from becoming friends. Jill indicated that in spite of the divorce she had nothing but positive things to say about her former husband.

She also added that they were still good friends, but it was just the marriage thing that did not turn out well for them. Hence, they did not throw blames on each other.

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Next Relationships of Jill Diven and Brad Garrett

The subsequent relationships of Jill Garrett have not been revealed, hence it is not known if she dated anyone after the divorce.

On his part, Brad has since been linked to a much younger IsaBeall Quella who is also an actress. Born in 1984, she is 24 years younger than Brad who was born in 1960. Even with the massive age difference, that did not stop them from starting a relationship in 2008. The actor revealed that both of them are old souls that is why they click so well.

Having dated for close to 10 years, they got engaged in November 2016. Brad made use of a large diamond ring to ask IsaBeall to marry him.

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