CelebrityJohn Hughes Yogi Was Married Twice With 4 Kids: Meet His Wives

John Hughes Yogi Was Married Twice With 4 Kids: Meet His Wives

His marriages were blessed with 4 children. Here is all to know about John Hughes Yogi.s wives and children:

Meet The Wives of John Hughes Yogi

As stated, the legendary Celtic player, John Yogi Hughes was married two times before his death. His first marriage was to Mary Hughes while his second and last marriage was to Theresa Hughes.

Mary Hughes was the first wife of Yogi

There is not so much that is known about the marriage between Hughes and Mary, except that it happened a long time ago when he was still playing football.

While they were together in 1966, Mary lost their baby at a time when he was in Bermuda on a close-season tour. Because of this and the fact that he was not aware, he couldn’t come back to be with his then-wife.

Sadly, the marriage later came to an end and John Hughes Yogi took responsibility for the failed marriage. According to him, his first divorce was caused by his selfishness and drinking habit although he was not an alcoholic.

This all happened while he was still in his 20s.

The marriage between John and Mary was blessed with four children; Martin, Kevin, John, and a daughter, Joanna.

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John Hughes Yogi’s second wife was Theresa Hughes

Following his divorce, Yogi met the woman that became his second wife, Theresa in a Majorcan karaoke bar. Soon they started dating.

The former footballer has also not revealed the exact time that he married Theresa, but it is known that it was before he went down with mouth cancer in 2008. He would go on to battle the disease for the next five years with Theresa by his side. According to Hughes, it was a tough battle as he was losing his hair as a result of chemo and he also lost all his teeth.

Although they did not have any children together before John’s death, they remained very close.

Who Are The Four Children Of John Hughes Yogi

As already stated, the children of the late Scottish footballer are Martin, Kevin, John, and Joanna.

While not so much is known about his children, he revealed that his son, Martin Hughes, works as a consultant at Glasgow’s Royal Infirmary. He was very helpful during the cancer battle and treatment of his father as he kept Hughes in a positive frame of mind even though he knew his father only had a 25 percent chance of surviving.

Martins works in the hospital as a Clinical Director, Critical Care since 2002. He attended St Aloysius College Glasgow from 1979 until 1984.

Yogi’s children remained close to their father until his death as it was reported that they were around him together with his wife, Thersa, and six grandchildren when he died after a brief illness.

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