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Jordan Belfort Wife- Meet The 2 Women He Got Married To & Why They Divorced

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Jordan Belfort is an intelligent and hardworking entrepreneur and also the author of the book’ Wall Street Wolf’. He has made name for himself in Wall Street and on the media for some good and also bad decisions taken in his career years, this would later come to hunt him and break up his family.

He got married twice, but both the marriages ended in divorce before he went on to get engaged to his former girlfriend. The engagement was called later off.

Who Is Jordan Belfort?

Belfort was born on the 9th of July 1962 in The Bronx, New York in the USA. The former stockbroker was raised in Bayside, Queens by his parents Max Belfort whom he also called Mad Max and his mother Leah Belfort. Both his parents worked as accountants.

He attended Bayside High School and while he was still there he started earning money through business together with his friend Elliot Loewenstern. The two sold Italian rice to people at a local beach.

After high school he attended the American University where he studied Biology, Jordan proceeded to the University of Maryland School of Dentistry with the hope of becoming a dentist but quit after hearing his Dean say he shouldn’t expect to make much money from the profession.

Belfort ventured into different little businesses to make ends meet by selling meat and sea food but along the line, his business crashed. He then got a job as a trainee stock broker but was also laid off shortly, all these setbacks did not discourage him for he eventually made his way to the top.

Jordan got to wall street he became greedy and he stopped playing by the rules, he was then accused, arrested and convicted of a crime of fraud, he also had a bad addiction to Quaaludes which made him do lots of crazy things like sinking his yacht and crashing his helicopter into his yard among other things.

He was accused of stealing over $110 million for which he spent 22 months behind bars and after that, he started his career as an author and motivational speaker.

He Got Married To Denise Lombardo And Nadine Caridi

Although his professional life is what has brought so much attention to him, his love life has also been quite interesting. Jordan Belfort has had two failed marriages thus far.

His First Wife Is Denise Lombardo

Jordan Belfort Wife
Denise Lombardo

Denise Lombardo Belfort’s first wife was born in Ohio in the 1960s though her exact date of birth is not available yet. After High school, she proceeded to the Towson University where she studied Business Administration in 1992.

She also worked as a real estate agent before she finally met and married her husband Jordan in 1985 sadly their marriage did not stand the test of time. They divorced in 1991 after several accusations against him which included infidelity and a lot of other stuff, there is no mention of any children they might have had together.

After her divorce from Belfort, she moved on to marry a guy she was dating named Mlady. Denise is a private person and so far has not shared any personal information to the public about her current marriage.

Nadine Caridi Was The Next Woman To Become Jordan Belfort Wife

Jordan Belfort Wife
Nadine Caridi (Image Source)

Nadine Jordan’s Second wife is a model and actress who was born on the 6th of November 1962 in England but is said to have grown up in Bay Ridge Brooklyn in New York city as a little girl. She has kept her family information private and so no information about them is available at the moment.

It is known that she attended John Dewey High School and currently has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, she is also a renowned model and has made a great career out of it. She is also known to have appeared on some Hollywood movies too.

Nadine married her ex husband Jordan in 1991 at the Caribbean, the two were said to have met at one of the extravagant parties they had attended, there were rumours that when Nadine and Jordan started dating he was still married to his first wife Denise.

The couple stayed married for about fourteen years and together they had two beautiful children whose names are Carter Belfort and Chandler Belfort, all who are grown up and in the university now. Jordan and Nadine’s marriage came to an end in 2005 owing to Belfort’s destructive behaviors that included drugs, cheating on his wife and his involvement in fraudulent activities.

His wife Nadine was said to have taken him to rehab at a point in their marriage in other for him to get better, they finally got a divorce him in 2005. Since their divorce, Nadine has moved on and married the former CEO of Wizard World John Macalusa, Belfort has also moved on and is currently dating again.

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Is There A Jordan Belfort Wife Number Three Coming?

Cristina Invernizzi
Jordan and Cristina Invernizzi (Image Source)

After two failed marriages Jordan Belfort started another relationship with Anna Koppe. Although they were together for a long time as lovers and business partners and were even engaged to get married. Unfortunately, the relationship later came to an end.

He is now in a relationship with Argentine beauty, Cristina Invernizzi. Invernizzi is a model and actress. Although it is not clear when they started dating, they were first linked to each other in 2020.

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