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Laurie Farinacci Is John Rzeznik’s Ex-wife – Marriage, Divorce, Other Facts

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Laurie Farinacci is the erstwhile wife of famous producer, songwriter, musician, and frontman John Rzeznik of the rock band group Goo Goo Dolls. She gained popularity following her marriage to the music star in the early 1990s. Unfortunately, the union that many thought would pass the time test failed after a decade.

They Got Married In The Early 1990s

Marriage doesn’t just happen overnight. Desires come first, then intentions follow, and lastly decisions. Farinacci and her ex-husband didn’t through all these in their relationship before they decided to walk down the aisle in 1993.

Before that, they first bumped into each other in 1990. Rzeznik must have seen in her a woman who could be his wife, which is why he approached her. They used two years getting to more about each other and going on dates. During this period, the pair discovered that they were meant to go beyond just dating, they wanted something more profound.

So, there was an engagement a year before their wedding. Just like any other typical engagements, it came with a ring from Rzeznik who must have popped the usual question, ‘will you marry me?’ And Farinacci accepted the proposal.

They Divorced After A Decade

Farinacci and Rzeznik ended their marriage in 2003, ten years after taking the vow of a ‘together forever. Whenever celebrity marriages end in divorce, speculations take the order of the day. People would want to know why and what led to it.

For the records, no one knows exactly why the couple decided to split. Or what transpired between them that the only option they have left was divorce.

Divorce seems to be the last option couples resort to when their marriages hit a low. Some have argued that it is better to part ways when things are not working, rather than bottle it till it bursts. While others would say that problems are meant to be solved. And so is a marriage heading for divorce.

John Rzeznik Has Since Moved On With Melina Gallo


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 Two years after Farinacci and Rzeznik ended their marriage, he found love in the arms of another woman. He started dating Melina Gallo in 2005. The couple dated for eight good years before tying the knots on 26th July 2013. The wedding ceremony took place in Malibu, California with the couples vowing to spend the rest of their lives together.

Three years into the marriage, the couple had their first child, a girl. She was born 3 days before Christmas on the 22nd of December 2016. They named her Liliana.

The two are proud of their daughter, with Rzeznik always expressing how much he loves her. He always shares pictures of her on his social media, accompanied by lovely captions.

Other Facts To Know About Her

1. Laurie Farinacci Was A Former Model

According to multiple reports, Rzeznik’s ex-wife was a former model. Even though details regarding this aspect of her life remain sketchy, one thing is clear models are beautiful and famous too.

2. The Ex-Couples Never Had Any Children Together

Having children is a decision that involves both the wife and the husband. They must all agree on one thing, to have children or not, or to have them or later. So, it is not strange that Farinacci didn’t have any children with her ex-husband. Maybe it was their decision not to have any, who knows?

3. Is Farinacci Seeing Anybody Now?

It’s almost two-decade since her divorce from Rzeznik and nothing has been heard about her. She went into oblivion, excusing herself from the eye of the media and public glare. It is the same with her relationship and love life.

Some reports suggested that she is single and not dating anybody. But how is that even possible?

She may have been going out on dates or hanging out with men. Besides, she seemed a private person now.

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4. Her Ex-Husband Had Help With His Drinking Problem

When Rzeznik became a heavy drinker, he wanted to stop. Rather than looking for help in rehab centers, his current wife Gallo and other family members came to his help. They helped him to overcome the addiction.

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