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LeeAnn Kreischer Is Bert Kreischer’s Wife- 10 Unknown Facts About Her

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LeeAnn Kreischer is the wife of American comedian, Bert Kreischer. Apart from being the wife of the famous comedian, she is also recognized as an actress, writer, and podcaster. The couple has been married for many years and are blessed with two amazing kids, Ila Kreischer and Georgia Kreischer.

A very fascinating individual who has attracted so much followership over the years, here is all we know about LeeAnn.

Interesting Facts About LeeAnn Kreischer


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1. Quick Biography of LeeAnn Kreischer

It was on August 19, 1971, that LeeAnn Kreischer was born LeeAnn Kemp, which makes her years old. She was birthed in Bowdon, Georgia, which is also where she was brought up. Her father is Jimmy whom she refers to as Papa J. She describes him as a very good teacher, although he did not have a career as one.

2. Her parents divorced when she was little

When she was much younger, her parents had a problem with their marriage, and things did not work out because of something her mother did. Because of that, her father did not have more kids. She spent time with her mom and her dad separately but always preferred the time with her dad.

She had a very difficult childhood that she had to go for therapy as an adult.

3. She has a good relationship with her father

LeeAnn hardly makes mention of her mother, but it is known that she has always had a very good relationship with her father. She revealed that she did not have a good relationship with her mother, but it was different with her father whom she had a great relationship since her birth because he was a good father.

She said she had a great relationship with her dad because she could always count on him while growing up.

However, she said her mum was always singing and making voices to animals. She also indicated that her mother was a broken woman.

4. LeeAnn Kreischer was a Tomboy

LeeAnn did not like girly things when she was growing up. She described herself as a Tomboy, and both she and her father agreed it was one of the things that probably helped their relationship. According to her, to date, she still has some elements of being a tomboy as she doesn’t know how to wear make-up and make her hair.

5. She has a thriving career in Hollywood

After her education and going to 11 different schools, LeeAnn moved to Los Angeles to pursue a dream of becoming a writer.

She is mostly known for her podcast, Wife of the Party Podcast which she started in 2018

6. LeAnn has been married to Bert Kreischer since 2003

The love story between LeAnn and Bert has been a rather fascinating one. It is not clear when the two first met, but she remembered that although they seemed to click at a point, Bert did not try having her on a date because he didn’t know how to even though she made his friend to give Bert her number.

Somehow, she got to encourage him to ask her on a date which he did and that was how they began dating. In 2003, they walked down the aisle, and close to 20 years later, they are still together.

7. She is a mother of two kids

LeeAnn Kreischer
LeeAnn Kreischer, her kids, and Papa J (Instagram)

Her marriage to Bert is blessed with two kids, Ila Kreischer who was born in 2007, and Georgia Kreischer, born in 2004. Both daughters do not seem to be very much interested in following in the footsteps of their parents in showbiz.

8. LeeAnn thinks her husband is a combination of both her parents

According to the podcaster, people always wonder why she is married to Bert Kreischer, but it was because he had a combination of both her parents. He was a fun-loving and hardworking guy like her father. More so, he is very honest.

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9. What is LeeAnn Kreischer’s net worth?

As regards her net worth, LeeAnn Kreischer has an estimated $1 million to her name. She made her fortune from her many careers as a writer, TV personality, and writer. On the other hand, Bert has a net worth of $3 million.

More than just making money, she is involved in charity. The philanthropist is known to contribute to different causes including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

10. She has always loved camping

One of the main things that LeeAnn loves is camping with her father when she was young. Interestingly, she made it known that her children have also come to love camping very well.

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