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Lori Anne Allison Is Johnny Depp’s First Wife- Where Is She Today?

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Also referred to as Lori Depp, Lori Anne Allison is a makeup artist who happens to be more famous as the first wife of Johnny Depp. Lori was married to Depp in the 1980s even before he started his career as an actor and gained fame for it. The marriage lasted only a few years before it ended in divorce.

With the ongoing case between Johnny Depp and his former wife, Amber Heard, more attention is being drawn to the past relationships of the actor as well as his earlier marriage to Lori Depp. Here is all that we know about who is she and about their marriage and subsequent relationships.

Who Is Lori Anne Allison? 


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Lori Anne Allison was born Lori Anne Alesi on 6 September 1957, which means she is currently 65 years old. She was brought up alongside a sister, Suzanne Allison who is now a photographer.

Although not so much is available about her early life and education, it is known that she started her career in Hollywood as a make-up artist. She was said to have first moved to Los Angeles with the dream of becoming a recording engineer, but she later opted to go into makeup for films and TV shows after her friends, Adam Ant and Christina Applegate convinced her into it.

She started her career in the early 1980s and has worked in dozens of films and TV shows including Sunset Heat (1992), Matters of Consequence (1999), Supreme Court of Comedy (2008), and Recalclating (2016). Also, she is credited as the producer of the documentary, Long Lonesome Highway: The Story of Michael Parks which is still in the filming stage. Apart from film and TV, she has also done commercials, fashion, and photography.

Before her career as a makeup artist, Lori’s first dream was to become a music producer as she made it known that she has always had a passion for music.

Lori Anne Allison And Johnny Depp Got Married In 1983

Lori Anne Allison
Johnny Depp and Lori Anne Allison (Image Source)

Johnny Depp and Lori Depp first met in 1980 when they were introduced to each other by Depp’s bandmate at the time, Bruce Witkin who was dating Lori’s sister. They fell for each other after Lori was hired to do makeup for the band and soon after that, they started dating.

The pair got married while they were still very young. They tied the knot in 1983 when Depp was only 20 years old while Lori was 24 years old. The ceremony took place in December in South Florida.

She Helped Johnny Depp To Start His Career As An Actor

Lori was the one who first helped open the door for Johnny Depp in Hollywood. After their marriage, she introduced him to Nicholas Cage who then helped him to get a role in Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984.

Although while they were together he only got to take part in only a couple of films, his career took off drastically thanks to the help she gave him to land his first appearance.

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Why Lori Anne Allison And Johnny Depp Divorced

Only two years after they got married, Johnny and Lori decided to go their separate ways in divorce. This was rather surprising for many because they seemed to be a happy and loving couple.

While the main reason for the divorce was not revealed, it was claimed that they had some differences which were better solved if they divorced.

Shortly after the divorce, Johnny Depp began his relationship with Sherilyn Fenn, but nothing more is known about the love life of Lori.

Ares Johnny Depp And Lori Depp Still Friends?

Lori and Johnny may have been divorced for many years, but they still maintain an excellent relationship. Not only does she maintain his last name, but she also continues to make reference to him and their marriage in a good way.

In the wake of his trial with his ex-wife, Amber Heard who described the actor as an abuser, Lori Depp insisted that he is a kind-hearted and soft fellow who is not abusive.

Where Is Lori Anne Allison?

Now 65 years old, Lori is still not married. She has a thriving career still as a makeup artist in Hollywood who has also gone into other things including documentary production.

While she may not be as popular as she used to be, Lori Depp started her Serendeppity Lip Glosses company in 2015.

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