Nonetheless, we take a look at all there is to know about the model, her love life, and other interesting facts.


1. She is originally from Venezuela

Marilisa Maronesse may be a big name in Puerto Rico thanks to her marriage to Chayanne, but she is orignially from Venezuela. It was there that she was born Mariana Elizabeth (Marilisa) Maronese Rivetta on October 5, 1969. She staretd her modeling career in her home country, until she later met and got married to the man who has since been considerd to be the love of her life.

2. Marilisa was a model and into pageantry

Before she became known as Chayanne’s, Marilisa was first known in her home country where she had a career as amodel. She was into pageantry and went on to win Miss Portuguesa in the 1980s. This helped her to move on to reresent the state at the Miss Venezuela 1988.

At the 1988 contest whch was won by Yajaira Vera, Marilisa was named Miss Venezuela Latina and she was also voted by press reporters as Miss Photogenic.

3. She is also a lawyer

More than just a model, Marilisa is also a lawyer. She did not throw aside her education in her pursuit for a career in the modeling world. She attended the Central University Of Venezuela (UCV), and it was there that she graduated with a degree in law.

4. She met her husband in 1988

It was in 1988 that the paths of the singer and his former model wife first crossed. At the time, he was invited to Venezuela to perform at the Miss Venezuela pageantry where as stated, Marilisa was also participating. The moment he laid his eyes on her, Chayanne fell for her.

What became even more interestin was that the feeling was not one-sided as she was also in love with him. They would go ahead to date for the next four years before finally deciding to tie the knot.

5. They got married in 1992

Marilisa Maronesse
Marilisa Maronesse and Chayanne (Image Source)

The relationship between Marilisa Maronesse and Chayanne whose real name is Elmer Figueroa Arce, was one that was not the easiest because of te distance between them. However, they still kept things togterh for the next for years and then in 1992, they walkd down the aisel.

6. Their union is blessed with 2 kids

After close to 30 years of marriage, the beautiful couple is blessed with two children, a son and a daughter. Their first child, Lorenzo Valentino Figueroa was born in the United States on August 14, 1997, 5 years after his parents got married, while his sister, Isadora Sofia Figueroa was born on 11 December 2000.

While Lorenzo Figueroa has started a career as a fitness entusiast and a businessman, his sister is a songwriter and social media influencer.

7. Her family is among the most loved in Puerto Rico

Although her the former model, her husband, and kids all live in Florida in the United States, their family still enjoys so much love in Puerto Rico. The family is considered to be one of the most ideal because of the closeness that they share and their friendship.

8. Other known family members of Marilisa Maronesse

Even though because of her very private life not much is known about her personal life and the family from which she came, it is well known that she wa brought up alongside a sister, Anna Maronese, who is a Venezuelan doctor.

This means se is aunty to Lele Pons, Anna’s daughter. Lele is one of the most known social media influencers in Venezuela with more than 46 million followers.

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9. How rich is Marilisa Maronesse?

Marilisa Maronesse
Marilisa Maronesse and her family (Image Source)

For a former model and lawyer who is now married to a highly successful musician, it is no secert that Marilisa Maronesse is living an enjoying the good life. That said, what she has as her net worth is still not known. On the other hand, it is known that chayanne has an estimated net worth of over $40 million, most of whcih he made from his career as a musician.

10. Body features of Marilisa

For a former model, Marilisa is one woman that is blessd with good looks and a great body build. She has a height of 5 feet 8 inches, and she has blonde hair and blue eyes.

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