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Maximillian Fuse Is Akira Fuse’s Son: Bio, Family Members, Other Facts

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Maximillian Fuse is an American writer who has become famous as the son of Japanese Musician Akira Fuse and celebrated American actress, Olivia Hussey. Even though his parents have become known the world over thanks to the successes they have recorded in their careers, Max has continued to maintain a very private life so much that not much is known about him.

Biography of Maximillian Fuse

It was on January 5, 1983, that Maximillian Hussey Fuse was born in the United States to his parents, Olivia Hussey and Akira Fuse. He was birthed as the first and only child between the two, even though before him, his mother had already had another child from a previous relationship.

He was still a little child when the marriage between his parents came to an end. And after that, she married David Glen Eisley who helped in raising him.

Although not so much is known about the childhood of Max, it is known that he was brought up in California together with his siblings from his mother’s other marriages. There is a suggestion that he attended Topanga Elementary as a kid.

Career-wise, nothing much is known about him but his mother revealed that he is a writer and she credited him with writing her biography.

A Look At All The Family Members Of Max Fuse 

Because of the different marriages between his parents, Max is related to different people including the following: Olivia Hussey Is His Mother As already stated, his mother, Olivia Hussey is an English actress who was born on April 17, 1951.

Max Fuse’s Parents Are Olivia Hussey and Akira Fuse

As already indicated, the mother of the celebrity kid is Olivia Hussey. Olivia was born on 17 April 1951 in Buenos Aires, Argentina to famous opera singer. Andres Osuna and Joy Hussey. She moved to the UK alongside her mother and brother when she was 7 and it was there that she was raised.

She began her career in the 1960s on stage where she appeared on productions such as The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and the film production of Shakespear’s iconic work, Romeo and Juliet. She came to appear on many more stage productions, TV shows such as The Thirteenth Day: The Story of Esther (1979), and films such as Seven Days of Grace (2006) and Social Suicide (2015). She has also been on some music videos and video games.

Olivia won many awards in her acting career such as the Golden Globe Awards in 1969 when she was awarded the Most Promising Newcomer (female) as well as David di Donatello Awards in the same year for Best Actress. She received both awards for her role in Romeo and Juliet.

Max’s father, on the other hand, is Akira Fuse. He is also an actor, but he is more famous for his musical career. Akira was born on December 18, 1947, in Tokyo, Japan. He was also brought up in his home country. It was also in the 1960s that he began his career in the entertainment scene.

His Parents Got Married In 1980

In 1980, Hussey and Fuse got married after dating for a while. The pair had two ceremonies to mark their union; the first was held in Los Angeles while the second was an Indian ceremony held in Miami.

By 1989, the marriage came to a sad end in divorce with only a child between them, Max. One of the main reasons why the marriage didn’t work out was that while Fuse was unable to have a career in the United States to settle there with his family, Hussey was unable to relocate to Japan with her son from an earlier marriage.

His Mother Has Been Married Three Times Thus Far

Before Olivia Hussey got married to Akira and had her son Maximillian Fuse, she was already married and divorced. The first man she got married to was fellow actor Dean Paul Martin. They tied the knot in 1971 and the union lasted until 1978 when they decided to go their separate paths in divorce. Before their divorce, they had a son, Alexander Gunther Martin.

Two years after her first divorce, she married Akira, and two years after her second divorce, Olivia got married to her third husband, David Glen Eisley who is famous as an American rock musician. The two are still together to date and they are blessed with a daughter, India Eisley.

Maximillian Fuse Is The Only Member Of His Family Not In The Entertainment Business

Birthed to parents who have fame across continents for their talents and contributions to entertainment, many would expect that Max would also attempt following the same path. That is not so as he chose to follow a rather quiet lifestyle.

More interestingly, both the men that her mother married before his father and after him are also in the line of entertainment in the same way as the two children she had from the two marriages, Alexander Martin and India Eisley. While Alexander Martin gained fame as an actor for films such as Josie and the Pussycats (2001) and 21 (2000), India India Eisley is even more famous for appearing in s The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Underworld: Awakening.

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His Mother Survived Cancer

Max’s mother has had to battle cancer twice in the past. In 2008, she was diagnosed for the first time with breast cancer and she underwent a double mastectomy instead of chemotherapy to take care of it, For the next 10 years, she had not problem with it, until 2018 when she was diagnosed again.

She revealed that she got to know that there was a tumor growing between her heart and lungs, This time around, she decided to go for chemo and radiation treatment. She announced that she was now doing very well and healthy.

Is Maximillian Fuse Married?

Among many things about Max, one that people always ask is whether or not he is married. He keeps that aspect of his life in the dark, hence details such as his true sexuality and marital status have all remained hidden. It is also not known if he has dated anyone in the past. Therefore there is no detail about who his girlfriend or boyfriend as the case may be, is.

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