CelebrityNaike Rivelli: 7 Facts About The Italian Actress and Singer

Naike Rivelli: 7 Facts About The Italian Actress and Singer

Here are some fascinating facts to know about her:

Quick Profile of Naike Rivelli
  • Birth name: Naike Rivelli
  • Other names: Nayked
  • Date of Birth:  10 October 1974
  • Place of Birth: Munich, Germany
  • Age: 48 years old
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles California
  • Parents: Ornella Muti
  • Siblings: Andrea Fachinetti and Carolina Fachinetti
  • Nationality: Italian
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Career: Actress
  • Famous for: Being an actress
  • Relationship Status: Divorced
  • Husband: Manou Lubowski (Ex)
  • Children: Akash Cetorelli
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Hair Color: Dark Blonde
  • Net Worth: $5 million
  • Instagram@naikerivelli

Interesting Facts About Naike Rivelli

1. She was birthed to famous actress Ornella Muti

Naike Rivelli was born on October 10 1974 which means she is now 48 years old. She was birthed in Munich Germany to the famous Italian actress, Ornella Muti.

For many years, she believed that Jose Luis Bermudez de Castro was her father, but it was later discovered through a DNA test that he was not the one that fathered her.

The actress was already an adult when she realized that she was not the film producer’s daughter and that her mother did not know who her real father was. Already a mother herself when the truth came out, she said she was no longer interested in knowing who her real father was.

2. Her two siblings are also actors

From her mother’s marriage to Fereico Fachinetti who she also once believed was her real father, Naike has two siblings, Andrea Fachinetti and Carolina Fachinetti, both of whom are actors.

While Carolina who was born in 1984 is known for works such as the 2012 film The Mongrel, her brother Andrea who was born in 1987 is known for works such as Father in 2011 and Medici in 2016.

3. Her acting career dates back to the early 1990s

Naike Rivelli has been in the acting business for a very long time. Among her earliest works is the 1990 film, The Voyage of Captain Fracassa.

After that, she appeared in The Count of Monte Cristo (1998), The Unscarred (2000), Der Bestseller – Mord auf italienisch (2002), Welcome to the South (2010), The Last Book – L’ultimo libro (2012), Mamma non vuole (2016), and Where I’ve Never Lived (2017).

4. The musical career of Rivelli is also quite good

Looking at her career as a singer, she launched he career in 2010 when she dropped her first single, “I Like Men” under the name of Nayked. The next year, she dropped her album, “Metamorphose Me”.

5. She is bisexual

In 2011, the singer made it known during an interview that she is bisexual. According to her, although she likes men, she also likes women and she is always looking for them. While it was the first time that she was publicly coming out, she made it known that her mother had always known about her preferences and she was only interested in ensuring she was happy.

6. Naike Rivelli was married to Manou Lubowski

Even though she is bisexual, the actress decided to get married in 2002 when she tied the knot to German actor, Manou Lubowski.

The two were together for only 9 months before they separated and they remained apart for the next six years before they parted ways in divorce in 2008. Many details are not available regarding what led to the divorce.

7. Rivelli is a mother of one


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Although her marriage to Manou did not produce any child, Rivelli had a child even before the union named Akash Cetorelli. Her son was born in 1996 from her relationship with Christian Cetorelli. Now 26  years old, Akash has also followed in the footsteps of his mother as he is an actor and assistant director who is best known for True Heart (2017).

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8. She had other works apart from acting and singing

Although it is mostly as an actress and musician that she established herself, she has also done many other things. When she was much younger, Rivelli got into modeling and she had gigs with big brands including Giorgio Armani, Cartier, and Christian Dior.

9. What is Naike Rivelli’s net worth?

As regards her net worth, the actress has a fortune that is currently estimated to be around $5 million. She made her fortune from her diverse career as an actress, model, and singer. Riverlli’s work as a model with many popular brands including the aforementioned Giorgio Armani added significantly to her fortune.

More so, she also continues to make money from the many endorsement deals she has including with brands such as BAKEL.

She is also a businesswoman who is one of the key people behind the hemp company known as The Ornella Muti Hemp Club in Italy. The company is into the production of medical hemp. Rivelli is the Vice President of the company. She is also into wine production.

10. She has great physical features

Naike Rivelli is a woman who is blessed with beauty and great physical features. The actress has a height of 5 feet 5 inches and a slim body build. She has dark blonde hair and blue eyes.

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