DivorceNoel J Mickelson – Marriage To John Amos And Divorce, Other Hidden...

Noel J Mickelson – Marriage To John Amos And Divorce, Other Hidden Facts

Noel J Mickelson is an American artist and equestrian who belongs to the white ethnicity. She is famous for being married to an African-American actor, John Amos at a time when 16 States in America saw the union between the 2 races as illegal. However, the marriage was able to last about a decade and ended after 2 children. The divorce led to Amos’ marriage to actress, Lilian Lehman from 1978 to 1979.

Even with the failure of his marriages, he still has been able to turn successful in his acting career with roles in works such as Coming to America (1988), Die Hard 2 (1990), and Good Times (1974-1976) and has been inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame in 2020.

Noel J Mickelson Married John Amos When He Was a Football Player

Noel J Mickelson
John Amos (Image Source)

There is no certainty on how Amos met his first wife, but it was in 1965 when he was 26 years old and a year after he became an American Football League’s free agent with Denver Broncos that the former couple became married.

His football career with Broncos was not successful as he was fast released from the team. He later moved to Canton Bulldogs, Joliet Explorers, Norfolk Neptunes, and Wheeling Ironman of the Continental Football League.

A year after they became married in 1966, Amos landed a football player role with the Jersey City Jets and Waterbury Orbits of the Atlantic Coast Football League. In 1967, when the former celebrity couple turned 2 years in their marriage, Noel J Mickelson’s ex-husband became another free agent for Kansas City Chiefs and later played with Victoria Steelers.

Although his football career did not turn out successful, John Amos and Mickelson’s marriage was a success in its earliest days.

Their Marriage Was 5 Years Old When John Amos Started to Become a Famous Actor

It was in 1970 that John started to draw attention to himself as an actor on TV where he played the character of Gordy Howard, the weatherman on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. At that time, it was uncertain what Noel J Mickelson was up to but it is factual that her marriage to the actor would see an additional 5 years.

In the course of their marriage and towards the beginning of his acting career, her then-husband featured in films such as the following:

  • The Funny Side (1971)
  • Vanishing Point (1971)
  • Love, America Style (1971-1972)
  • Sanford and Son (1973)
  • Maude (1973-1974)
  • The World’s Greatest Athlete (1973)

Noel J Mickelson is the Mother of the Only 2 Children of Amos – Meet Them

1. Shannon Amos is a Producer and Founder of Afterglow Multimedia, LLC

Shannon Amos was born in New Jersey to Amos and Mickelson. As a child, she saw the rise of her father as an actor who did not flinch at the thought of having his daughter watch him behind the scene and join him in meetings. In the progression of time, she landed herself a role as an intern working with Director Spike Lee in Mo Better Blues film.

Later, she left college to take her chances doing what she had an interest in – production! As such, she became a production assistant with MTV’s hip-hop show Yo! MTV Raps. Her role as a producer also landed her a job with America’s Most Wanted series.

Knowing there was more she could offer, Shannon decided to take a leap of faith in her career when she began producing music videos. Little by little, the number of artists she produced their music videos began to increase and has worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and Dr. Dre among others.

Although she had made her own films and garnered fame, she added to the list of her achievements a multimedia company, Afterglow Multimedia, LLC which was founded in 2009 and has clients such as Turner Originals, ESPN, TVOne, DET, and All Def Digital and All Def Music to mention a few.

2. Mickelson’s Son, K.C Amos Has a Thriving Career in Hollywood

Born Kelly Christopher Amos, he is famous as K.C Amos. He is an actor best known for his roles in Mercy Angels (2015), and Star Trek: The Next Generation (1991-1992). He is also a writer, editor, producer, cinematographer, and director.

K.C’s works have landed him awards for Syphon Gun as well as a Grammy Award nomination for music video Long Form.

Why the Former Celebrity Couple Divorced

There is no reason given by either Amos or Mickelson as far as we know. However, it happened in 1975, about 10 years after they tied the knot.

Following the breakup, Amos began dating American actress, Lilian Lehman. According to claims, they dated for 3 years in an open relationship. They headed for marriage in 1978 and in 1979; it was visited by another divorce.

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Fast Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Noel J Mickelson 

  1. Noel J Mickelson and John Amos met and fell in love while attending college at Colorado State University.
  2. The former couple married and had their first child, Shannon before they were certified in 16 states of America.
  3. John Amos stayed away from marriage since 1979 when his second marriage crashed. Mickelson on the other hand has chosen to keep her life away from the public.
  4. Her ex-husband, Amos is a veteran of the 50th Armored Division of the New Jersey National Guard and Honorary Master Chief of the United States Coast Guard.
  5. Although her net worth is not known, Jon Amos is worth an estimated $3 million. He makes a large part of his wealth from his acting career.
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