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Pam Byse Is Morris Chestnut’s Wife- Everything About Their Love Story

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Pam Byse is not the most famous individual on any day, but she has become well-known thanks to her marriage to one of the most talented actors, Morris Chestnut. Even though most celebrity marriages are not known to last more than a decade, Pam and Morris have been married since 1995 and they are not only blessed with two kids, but they are still going stronger as a couple.

While giving an insight into the secret of their long-lasting marriage, the actor revealed that it has to do with their mutual respect for each other. Even though he is in our faces each day thanks to his numerous acting roles, his wife has pretty much remained unknown. Here is all we know about her and their love life.

Quick Profile Of Pamela Byse Chestnut

  • Birth name: Pamela Byse
  • Date of birth: 22 December 1973
  • Place of Birth: Los Angeles California
  • Parents: NA
  • Siblings: Vanessa Byse
  • Education: Tri-County High School, California State University, Northridge
  • Husband: Morris Chestnut
  • Kids: Grant Chestnut and Paige Chestnut

Biography and the early life of Pam Byse

It was on 22 December 1973 that she was born Pamela Byce in Los Angeles, California. While it is known that she was brought up alongside her siblings including Vanessa Byce, information as regards her childhood and parents have all remained hidden from the public domain.

She got her education from Tri-County High School and from there, she went to California State University, Northridge.

Also known as Pamela Chestnut she is now married to a celebrity for many years, but not much is still known about her. More so, nothing has been stated about her career.

They Met In A Club And Got Married In 1995

Pam Byse
Pam Byse and Morris Chestnut

The love story of the duo dates back even before Chestnut became famous. The pair met in the early 1990s in a club in Atlanta. They soon started dating and after a while, he knew she was the woman he wanted to marry because she had all the qualities he wanted in a woman; she respected her mother and he saw signs that she would make a great mother because of how she loved and care for her nieces and nephews.

They got married in a simple event that was attended by their friends and family members in 1995. Since then, they have remained very close.

Pam Byse And Morris Chestnut Are Blessed With 2 Children

Pam Byse
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Grant Chestnut The Best Man actor and his wife’s marriage which has now lasted close to three decades has been blessed with two children; Grant Chestnut and Paige Chestnut. Grant is the first kid of the couple. He was born in 1997, 2 years after Morris and Pam Byse got married.

Because he was born to a famous father in Hollywood, many would have expected that Grant would also become an actor. Contrary to this, he is an account executive. He attended the University of Colorado Boulder where he studied Strategic Communications- Marketing and Advertising. He has since worked with Cutco Cutlery as a salesperson, EF Educational Tours as a sales coordinator, and is now with Atlas Consulting Group as an account executive and trainer.

Close to 2 years after Grant Chestnut was born, Pam and Morris welcomed their second child, Paige Chestnut who was born in 1998. Blessed with the good looks of her parents, Paige has since gone into modeling. She does everything from commercial modeling to runway, and even print and she is managed by Wunder Management.

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There Was A Rumor That They Were Getting A Divorce

Many years ago, there was a report on the radio that Pamela Chestnut and her husband were getting a divorce as a result of irreconcilable differences. In no time, people started calling the actor from different places to confirm and that was when he got to know that t was a DJ on the radio that started the rumor.

Morris Chestnut put a call through and he set the record straight. He revealed that as a famous person, one cannot deny or confirm all the rumors about you all the time but for that case, he had to set the record straight.

On her part, Pam Byce was not bothered about the rumor.

Mutual Respect And Other Things That Have Helped Their Marriage

As stated, Chestnut revealed that at the center of his long-lasting marriage to Pam Byce is the mutual respect they have for each other. Apart from that, he revealed that they were able to grow together in their marriage and that helped them to stick together.

According to him, even though every marriage will go through tough times at a point or more, and he has also dealt with that. More so, he revealed that although he is in Hollywood, he has made sure that Hollywood is not in him and he keeps his professional life completely away from his personal life.

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