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Patty Gardell: Meet Billy Gardell’s Wife Of 2 Decades- 7 Facts

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Patty Gardell is well known in the entertainment industry and even beyond as the wife of the famous actor, Billy Gardell. On her own, she is not the most famous individual as she always prefers to keep her life private and away from the public domain. Patty and Billy have been together for many years having tied the knot in 2001.

Who is Patty Gardell?

As stated, Patty is the wife of Billy Gardell. Even though her exact year of birth is not known, it has been revealed that she was born on August 13 into the family a very modest family.

Alyhough there are reports that her parents are Nettie Haynes Carr and Jim, we may not confirm this, but it is known that she was born Patty Knight. More so, we know that she was brought up with 3 siblings including her sisters, Pamela Knight Mattsson and Debbie Fetterman Knight.

There is no information about other things such as her education or the places where she spent her childhood.

Billy Gardell First Met Patty Three Times In A Day

Patty Gardell
Billy and Patty Knight Gardell (Image Source)

It was in December 1999 that Billy first set his eyes on Patty. He revealed that he was in Atlanta performing and he saw her three times in a single day. First, he saw her at a bank and later, he saw her and her sister at a comedy club. Neither of them had an idea of who the other was.

Next, Billy went to a Jazz show on the same day, and there was Patty again with her sister. He was instantly convinced that meeting her three times in a day meant he had to take his shot. He asked the bartender what Patty was taking and he took it to her. He introduced himself to her and asked her to drink the wine until he was cute. She said she was going to need another drink.

That was how they started their relationship that would lead to a marriage in 2001 at Los Angeles, California.

Here Are Interesting Facts To Know About Her

Patty Gardell
Billy, Patty, William, and their dog Buzz (Image Source)

1. Patty used to work at a bank

Before Patty and Billy got married, she used to work at a bank. In fact, the first time the actor saw his wife, it was at her workplace, which happened to be the aforementioned bank even though he didn’t know at the time.

2. They moved in together after 6 months of first meeting

Six months after Billy and Patty met, they were already living together even though people felt it was too soon. Neither of them worried about it as by a year and six months after they met, they decided to get married. Again, people felt it was too soon, but that did not stop the lovers.

3. The couple is blessed with a son

Two decades after getting married Billy and Patty are blessed with a son, Willim Gardell. According to the actor, although Patty Knight Gardell has given him many gifts, the best she has given him is his son William who was born two years after they got married.

4. Billy gives credit to Patty for being a regular guy

When he was referred to as a regular guy who happened to be in Hollywood, Billy was quick to make it clear that it was simply thanks to Patty. He said she has been able to keep him grounded in a good way.

5. Her husband is rich

The net worth of Patty Gradall is not known, but it is no secret that Billy Gradall is a rich man who has a net worth estimated at $8 million in 2021.

More than that, Patty Knight Gardell is a very kind hearted woman who has continued to help people. She is known for always making donations to different causes and she encourages people to do same on her soial media.

6. Secret behind their marriage as revealed by Billy

According to Billy, the secret behind his long lasting marriage is not the idea of giving and taking, but rather the idea of giving more. He said he believed in giving more than he receives from his wife. Also, he said if men would just do what their wives say, there would be no problems in their marriages.

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7. The previous dating lives of Billy and Patty

Before Billy met Patty, there is no information that he has dated any other woman publicly in the past, hence Patty is recorded as the only woman he is known with. This is also the same with Patty who has no record of dating anyone publicly.

Interestingly, with many years behind them as man and wife, there has been no case of cheating or rumor of separation or divorce which is something extra-ordinary for a Hollywood couple.

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