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Who Is Peter Legler? Love Life With Naomie Harris, Other Interesting Details

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Peter Legler is the ex-partner of British actress, Naomie Harris. The actress was born Naomie Melanie Harris on the 6th of September 1976 in London, England. Naomie started her career in 1987 and has remained active in the movie industry ever since. She has been attributed for her roles in movies such as ‘Winnie Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom’.

Legler and Harris began their relationship in 2012 and this relationship was one of the few that made it to the media. Similarly, it was this relationship that brought Peter to the limelight.

Peter Legler is an English businessman whose life’s details are mostly unknown as he kept it private. Even his relationship with the actress was kept under wraps and keys. However, let’s look at a few details about the couple.

What’s There To Know About Peter Legler’s Relationship With Naomie Harris?

Peter Legler
Peter Legler and Naomie Harris (Image Source)

Peter and Naomie began their relationship in 2012 and although they were quite private about the details of their love life, they still caught public interest. In 2013 though, they both made public appearances at red carpet events and were also spotted publicly displaying affection in Italy.

The renowned star and her partner were together for quite a while. Without putting their relationship out there for public consumption, Peter and his girlfriend shared a good relationship until their split. Reasons, why they broke up, weren’t revealed as expected, however, Naomie was seen booed up with another man in 2018.

A photo of the actress and a new lover was posted in 2018 and this indicated that her former relationship had ended. The Legler-Harris relationship lasted for a few years before the split and eventual move-on. It was reported that the couple had their split since 2014 however, there’s no confirmation of that.

It wasn’t confirmed if they got married during the duration of their relationship although there were suggesting they did.

Other Interesting Things To Know About Peter Legler And Naomie Harris

Peter Legler
Peter Legler and Naomi (Image Source)

1. Peter Legler Was A Senior Adviser To Finance Minister in Athens

An alumnus of American University London (1997-1999), Legler studied Business Administration. He got a degree in the aforementioned course and went on to work as a business analyst with the Lehman Brothers.

He currently makes a living as an investor and business advisor and once worked with the Finance Minister in Athens. Peter Legler worked as the Minister’s Senior Adviser from 2005 to 2007.

2. Naomie Harris’ New Beau

As of 2018, the ‘Pirate of the Caribbean’ star was in a relationship with a man named Azim Majid. In her 2018 post on Instagram, she suggested that the pair were married as she referred to him as her ‘hubby’.

This is the only information regarding her most recent love interest that has made it to the headlines.

3. Before Peter Legler, Naomie Was Linked To Chiwetel Ejiofor And Chris Evans

Naomie Harris was in a long-term romantic relationship with fellow British actor, Chiwetel Ejiofor. The couple spent 6 years together; from the year 2000 to 2006.

In a similar vein, Avenger’s star, Chris Evans who has been linked to quite a number of Hollywood actresses is rumored to have shared a fleeting relationship with a British actress, in 2018. The duo stunned at the film premiere of ‘Street Kings’ and afterward, rumors of a relationship between them began to make waves.

4. Legler’s Ex, Naomie’s Relationship With Orlando Bloom

Naomie has been linked to fellow ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ co-star, Orlando Blooms. In 2007, the co-stars were spotted out on a romantic dinner in London. This came after a long period of admitting to having a special fondness for each other.

Working together on the set of the movie in 2006, Harris and Bloom became quite close and they took it a notch forward.  Naomie developed a crush for her fellow actor and fell in love with him when he took care of her after she fell ill on set.

Starting off as just friends, Harris was there, supporting and offering help to Bloom when his relationship with his then-girlfriend, Kate ended.

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5. Naomie Harris’ Talks About Pressure On Her About Childbearing

The 45 year old BAFTA Awards nominee has been vocal about her thoughts on childbearing. Though linked with a couple of men, she is still not a mother and this has raised questions among fans and followers. These questions have prompted the actress to speak up.

The Bond’s ‘Monypenny’ actress stated that she learned a lot from her mother who taught her to have children when she felt ready to. She has never been pressured by her family to bear a child and Harris believes their support on her stand is the most important.

Naomie also indicated her wish for people to stop bombarding her with such questions. In an interview with Woman Magazine, the Oscar-nominated actress stated that she has been overwhelmed by such questions. She needs people, including close friends to lay off.

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