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Phyllis Minkoff Is Maury Povich’s Ex-Wife – Marriage, Divorce, 5 Facts

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Phyllis Minkoff is a hard-working American who makes a living for herself as a communications expert and a public relations person. Nonetheless, she has come to be noticed by the public thanks to her failed marriage to American television personality Maury Povich. She became his first wife when they tied the knot in1962. Unfortunately, by 1979, the marriage had come to an end. Since then, she has maintained a life away from the public domain.

Who Is Phyllis Minkoff?

According to different sources, it was on February 15, 1941, that Phyllis Minkoff was born I Washington D.C, United States. Although it still remains a thing of doubt, it has been claimed that she was brought up alongside a brother, Larry Minkoff by their parents, Ida Minkoff and Hyman Joseph Minkoff.

The career path of her mother was not revealed but sources claim that her father worked as a businessman who owned a liquor store; Acme Liquors. He reportedly started his business in 1940. There are other sources that claim that after he retired from his business as a liquor seller, he decided to go into real estate.

Details, as regards her education, are not known, but it is known that she later had a career as a PR person and communication expert.

The Marriage Of Phyllis Minkoff To Maury Povich

The way in which Phyllis and Maury first met is one thing that has not been discussed. However, it is clear that their first meeting was when they were much younger. After dating for a while, they walked down the aisle in a very simple ceremony.

They got married in 1962 and for the next 17 years, they seemed to be a happy couple that was blessed with two kids. Unfortunately, this was not so as by 1979, they pulled off the plugs and ended their marriage in divorce.

Although the main reason behind the divorce was not known, it is reported that the divorce left Maury Povich heartbroken. Phyllis Minkoff simply sneaked off the eyes of the public and not much has been heard about her since then.

Interesting Facts To Know About Phyllis Minkoff

Phyllis Minkoff
Phyllis Minkoff’s former husband and his wife Connie Chung (Image Source)

1. Phyllis Minkoff has since remarried

Although she has kept a very low profile since her marriage to the famous TV personality came to an end, it is no secret that after her first failed marriage, Phyllis fell in love with a former lawyer, Philip Baskin and since the marriage, her name changed to  Phyllis M. Baskin.

2. Her ex-husband has also found love again

In the same manner, like Phyllis, her former husband has since married a second time. A few months after the marriage ended, he got into a relationship with another woman, Connie Chung who is a journalist. The pair dated for five years during which Maury continued to cheat on Connie until she gave him an ultimatum that they either got married or parted ways. That was when he decided to marry her and he proposed twice before she agreed to marry him.

For many years, the two battled infertility, and when they came to the realization that they may never have their own kids, they decided to adopt a son, Matthew Jay Povich. He is now the only child between them.

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3. She had two kids with her first husband

In the 17 years that Minkoff and Povich were together, they were blessed with two children; Susan Anne Povich and Amy Povich. Both daughters have not strayed too far from the career path of their father as while Amy Povich is an actress famous for works such as Transamerica (2005) and Miss Match (2003), Susan Anne Povich used to be a lawyer before she later became a TV host.

4. Phyllis M. Baskin had two more kids with her second husband

In 2005, Phyllis lost her husband who was also a former city council member when he died on January 2. Before his death, the couple was blessed with two children, Janice (Gary) Gondelman and Shoshana Nudel.

5. Her net worth remains unknown

Even though there are different sources that suggest Phyllis Minkoff may have a net worth that is estimated at $1 million, it is still not clear how accurate that is. However, it is known that her former husband, Povich has an estimated net worth of $80 million while his salary is put at $14 million.

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