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Rachael Kemery Is Michael Rady’s Wife: 9 Unknown Facts

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Rachael Kemery is a talented actress who is known for works including Secret Santa (2018), Random Encounters (2013). The actress has been in the movie-making business for more than a decade but she has come to be better known as the wife of Actor, Michael Rady.

The couple got married in 2010 and since then, they have maintained a good relationship. Even though she has a well-built career and is married to a well-known personality, fans of the actress do not know so much about her. Interesting

Facts To Know About Rachael Kemery


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1. She is from Philadelphia just like her husband

It was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that the actress was born on May 2, 1984, three years after the birth of her husband.

2. She was brought up alongside three siblings

Rachael was born to her parents, Carol Kemery and her husband Al Kemery. Initially, her mother worked as an emergency room nurse before she changed into the business of decorating and painting walls. Her father also joins her mother in running their business while he is also the football coach of high school girls JV and Varsity Teams.

Carol and Al raised their daughter alongside three siblings; Kate, Elizabeth, and Peter.

As regards her education, there are unconfirmed reports that she attended a Jesuit Prep school in her hometown of Philadelphia known as Saint Joseph’s Preparatory School. Details about her high school are not known, but it is known that she went to Temple University.

3. Her career dates back to 2007

At the age of 23, Rachel got to start her career professionally when she had a role in the movie, Sarah + Dee. In the same year, she appeared in another movie, Play. The years that followed saw her take roles in other films such as In Search Of (2008), Committed (2009), Melrose Place (2009), Random Encounters (2013), and Secret Santa (2013) which has come to be one of the most known works.

4. Rachael Kemery And Her Husband Met In School

The love story between Racheal and Mark started while they were both at Temple Universit. The actor revealed that he was a theatre major at the university and he met his wife while he was doing a major there also. She was also a theater major.

The pair dated for a number of years and then in 2019, the actor proposed to Racheal at a very odd hour; 12 AM while they were in bed. They walked down the aisle on May 22 2010 in a simple event.

5. Rachael Kemery is a mother of four kids

Over a decade since she married Michael, the actress has since become a mother of four amazing kids. The couple’s first child is Ellington Rady, born in 2012, and then August and olive. The youngest member of the family is Maisie Iris, born in 2021.

6. The Actress and Her Husband Are Both Vegans

In an interview, Mark made it known that alongside his wife, he has been a vegan for more than 13 years. He did not reveal how they decide to be vegans, but they are taking it seriously and they also have a garden at home for organic products.

7. She is now an entrepreneur

When she started having kids, the actress did not have as much time for her acting career as she did before she got married, mostly because she wanted to give more of her time to raising her kids. With that, she has since delved into the world of entrepreneurship and is said to be into the creation of items such as bedspreads, pillows, and other clothing materials for children.

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8. She does not have a strong social media knack

Mama Rachael as she refers to herself on Instagram does not have strong social media platforms. Although she is on Twitter, she is neither very actor nor does she have an extravagant presence. Also, she does her Instagram account which does not have many followers is set on private. The actress and entrepreneur also has a Facebook account.

9. Rachael Kemery Has A Good height

Needless to say, the American actress is a woman who is blessed with good looks and grace. She also has a good height, standing at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters) tall.

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