DivorceRhonda Mathers Is Jerry Mathers’ Ex-wife- Who Is She? Other Women He...

Rhonda Mathers Is Jerry Mathers’ Ex-wife- Who Is She? Other Women He Married

Rhonda Mathers is better known as the second wife of the American actor, Gerald Patrick Mathers who is better known as Jerry Mathers. He is best known for his role in the television sitcom Leave It to Beaver.

Her husband’s career began at the tender age of 2 when he appeared as a child model for a department store ad. Jerry Mathers is not only a talented actor but a good singer as well. He is also a former member of the 146AW.

Rhonda Mathers was working as a public relations officer when she met Jerry Mathers.

Who is Rhonda Mathers?

Rhonda Mathers came to the limelight after she married the actor. There seems to be information about her life before she became Mrs. Mathers. However, her husband was born in Sioux City Iowa in 1948. He was born to a high school principal who raise him and his three siblings in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California.

Rhonda Mathers’s marriage lasted for two decades

Rhonda met Jerry Mathers while he was touring for the production of ‘So Long, Stanley”. She was working as a public relations officer at that time. The former child star later revealed in his book that Rhonda connected to him the first time they met.

Even though the exact time they married is not available, it is said that they married in 1977. The former couple welcomed their first son, Noah Mathers on January 23, 1978, and in 1982, their daughter Gretchen Mathers was born.

The family welcomed another daughter in 1985 and she was named Mercedes Mathers. Unfortunately, the actor’s marriage became rocky and they divorced in 1997.

 Here are the other women Jerry Mathers has dated in the past

Rhonda Mathers
Teresa Modnick and Jerry Mathers (Image Source)

1. Diana Platt

Jerry Mathers has been married three times. He met his first wife, Diana Piatt while he was studying philosophy in college. Diana Platt attended Vallejo Senior High in California in 1969.

Mathers and Platt tied the knot on September 1, 1974.

‘Leave it to Beaver star’s marriage did not last long as it soon started facing challenges. The marriage later ended in a divorce. The reason for the divorce was not started.

2. Teresa Modnick

Teresa Modnick is the third and current wife of the former actor. She is said to be an acquaintance of Susie Mathers, Jerry’s sister. According to reports, Susie introduced them and they dated for 5 years before getting engaged in 2010.

They eventually tied the knots in Huntington Beach on January 30, 2011. The wedding was attended by over 150 guests at the Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort in Huntington.

Famous stars like Jennifer Leigh Warren, Cindy Williams, and Eddie Haskell were all in attendance.

Modnick is a producer and she is known for her in The Party (1988), History’s Mysteries (1998), and And Thou Shalt Honor (2002).

Here are other facts about her

1. Rhonda Mathers’s ex-husband was told he would not live for more than five years because of his weight

In the 1990s, a doctor warned Jerry Mathers about his weight. He was asked to start exercising and eating right if not he would probably be dead in three to five years.

In 1996, he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and he had to enroll in a weight loss program with Jenny Craig.

He tried his best to tackle his weight problem as it was also affecting his movie roles. With the help of the Jenny Craig weight loss program, Jerry was able to lose 30 pounds. He wrote in his book that the program saved his life and brought his out of something he called semi-retirement.

He later became the first male spokesperson for Jenny Craig.

2. Rhonda allegedly left her ex-husband after they renewed their vows

Rhonda’s divorce came after she and Mathers had renewed their vows and life seemed well. The divorce came as a bombshell to Jerry who believed he damaged the marriage with his social and professional exile.

He later revealed Rhonda could not keep up with being married to a celebrity because of its hassles.

There are reports that say the former public relations officer found something else that was why she opted out of the marriage.

3. Her ex-husband was during his high school days

Jerry Mathers recorded two songs in 1962 after the run of Leave it to Beaver. Also, during his high school years, the actor formed a band which he called Beaver and the Trappers. He later stopped singing and joined the United States Air Force Reserve in 1966.

4. Rhonda Mathers’s son is a film producer

Rhonda’s first son with her ex-husband is said to be following his father’s footsteps as well. Noah Mathers is said to have close to 14 years of experience which he garnered from film and broadcast television. He has worked with quite a number of big networks like NBC, ABC, Discovery, History Channel, ESPN, and a few others.

Noah has also produced and directed documentaries and shows in Southern California where he resides. He is a veteran of the United States Navy also.

5. Where is she now?

Since after the divorce, Rhonda seems to have disappeared from the spotlight. However, Jerry Mathers is currently an advocate for diabetes awareness and research. He has also represented a Type 2 diabetes reversal program’s publications in a television ad.

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