Family MembersRihanna’s Parents: Her Mother, Father, Siblings, Family Members

Rihanna’s Parents: Her Mother, Father, Siblings, Family Members

Without needing any introduction, Rihanna is a multitalented individual who rose to fame as a musician, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. She was born in 1988 in Saint Michael Barbados. She is of  African, Irish, English, and Scottish ancestry.

Here is a look at all her family members

Rihanna’s Parents 

Rihanna’s parents, Ronald and Monica Braithwaite got married in the 1980s but the union came to an end in divorce when Rihanna was a teenager. Her father abused her mother for many and that, coupled with his drug and alcohol problems led to the end of their marriage.


Father: Ronald Fenty


  • Date of birth: 1954
  • Age: 69 years old
  • Place of Birth: Barbados Island, Barbados
  • Nationality: Barbadian
  • Career: Former warehouse supervisor
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Fun fact: Rihanna once sued her father for using her name to make money but she later dropped the charge.




Mother: Monica Braithwaite


  • Date of birth: April 5, 1969
  • Age: 53 years old
  • Place of Birth: Guyana
  • Nationality: Guyana
  • Career: Former accountant
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Fun fact: Rihanna is closer to her mother than her father. She described her as the person who taught her strength and forgiveness.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty’s Grandparents

  • Rihanna’s Grandfather: Lionel Braithwaite
  • Rihanna’s Grandmother: Clara Brathwaite
  • Rihanna’s Grandmother: Betty Fenty

Rihanna’s Brothers And Sisters

  • Rorrey Fenty
  • Rajad Fenty
  • Kandy Fenty
  • Samantha Fenty
  • Jamie Fenty

1. Rorrey Fenty Is Rihanna’s Brother

He is the immediate younger brother of Rihanna and was born on 13 November 1989, which means he is now 33 years old. While he may not be known internationally, Rorrey is a big name in his home country as he is a rapper who goes by the name Gallest. The claim is that he is her favorite sibling.

2. Rajad Fenty is Rihanna’s youngest brother

Rajad was born on 15 April 1996 which makes him 26 years old and his nationality is Barbadian. 

Rihanna also has half-siblings from her father’s side as before his marriage to Rihanna’s mother, Ronald had children from previous relationships. 

3. Kandy Fenty is the oldest of Rihanna’s siblings

Kandy Fenty was born in 1971. That said, she was not in the early life of her other siblings as she did not know who her father was at first. After her mother gave birth to her, she left her with her grandparents and moved to the UK to pursue other things. She later returned to tell her daughter who her real father was; Ronald Fenty. Reports have it that although she joined the family much later, she was also accepted.

4. Samantha Fenty is Rihanna’s Other Half-sister

Born in 1981, Samantha is Rihanna’s older half-sibling. It has been reported that when Samantha and Rihanna first met, Riri was a girl of 3, but she and Samantha became very close because Samantha saw her as the sister she never had. Nothing is revealed about the mother of Samantha.

5. Jamie Fenty is Not Well-known

Jamie Fenty was born in 1984. Although he is famous as the brother to the world-known pop singer, Jamie has managed to maintain a very private life. He is said to now work as a photographer and visual artist.

Rihanna’s Children

Rihanna does not have any children at the moment. However, it has since been revealed that Rihanna is pregnant and expecting her first child with rapper A$AP Rocky. The billionaire musician and businesswoman made it known that she hopes to have a total of three kids.

Rihanna’s Husband

At the moment, Rihanna is not married and she has never been married in the past. It is known, however, that she is in a serious relationship with her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky.

Musically, Rihanna and ASAP Rocky have been working on different projects since 2012 when they collaborated on a remix of Rihanna’s “Cockiness (Love It).” They later went on a tour together, but it was until 2018 that rumors started going around that they were dating. Before then, ASAP dated Kendall Jenner while Rihanna was with Hassan Jameel.

It was finally in 2020 that it was confirmed that Rihanna and Jameel were no longer dating, opening up the doors for her and ASAP to start their romance.

Before they began dating, Rihanna was previously linked to a number of other men in the past.


Rihanna’s past relationships


  • Rihanna and Chris Brown (2007 to 2009, 2013)
  • Rihanna and Drake (2009 to 2016)
  • Rihanna and Matt Kemp (2010)
  • Rihanna and Travis Scott (2015)
  • Rihanna and Hassan Jameel (2017 to 2020)
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