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Sam Horrigan: Has He Remarried Since Divorcing Betty Horrigan?

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Littel Giants actor Sam Horrigan has come a long way in trying to leverage the success of the 1994 movie to break into Hollywood in a big way, but that has not seemed to yield any significant success. Needless to say, since he began his career in the early 1990s with films such as What If (1992) and Remote (1993) as some of his earliest works, he has still been able to earn a place for himself through the years with many works to his credit including Modern Family (2016) and School of Rocks (2016).

Away from his professional life, the actor has been through many challenges in his personal life, from addiction to alcohol to a failed marriage. In 2014, he got married to Betty Horrigan but the union did not get to last long as, by 2018, they had walked their separate ways in divorce.

The Marriage Of Sam Horrigan To Betty Horrigan

Even though he has been in Hollywood for over 3 decades, Sam is one of those few stars who have always managed to keep their personal business away from the public domain. In spite of this, it became known in 2014 that the Little Giant actor got married to a woman known as Betty Horrigan.

Although details are not available about the life of Betty, we know that their union was blessed with two wonderful kids; Blake Horrigan and Hailey Horrigan. Back in 2019, it was reported that while Hailey was 3, her brother was 5.

Their Marriage Ended After 4 Years

The union between Sam and Betty lasted from 2014 until 2018 when it came to an end after the actor reportedly filed for divorce. According to him, they had separated in August 2017, hence it can be said that they were together for only 3 years.

The actor indicated that the reason for the divorce was an irreconcilable difference. In the divorce paper, the actor requested to be given both physical and legal custody of their two kids. However, he did not show any interest in sharing his fortune with his estranged wife as he made no mention of support.

In a 2019 ruling, however, Sam Horrigan lost custody of both his kids to betty Horrigan. The court allowed Betty to have the kids while the actor was left without visitation rights because of the issues he was having with alcohol as well as homicidal ideation for which the court stated he needed treatment.

Sam Horrigan Still Seems To Be Unmarried Years After The Divorce

Over four years since his marriage ended, Sam is still yet to get married a second time. His love life has remained a very private affair, hence, it is not clear whether or not, he has got into any other relationship since his failed marriage.

In the same vein, it is not clear whether Betty has gotten another man into her life as she has also remained away from the public domain. She seems to be more interested in raising her kids than in getting married again.

Apart from Betty who he came around to marry, Sam was linked to a few women in the past including Rebecca Nichols. The pair met on Beauty and the Geek and soon became very close. Even though they spent much time together and there were rumors that they might have dated, many believed that there was nothing that ever happened between them.

Other Fascinating Facts About Sam Horrigan

1. He was brought up alongside a brother

The actor was born Samuel Emmett Horrigan on August 23, 1981, in Sacramento County, California, USA. It was mostly here that he was brought up alongside a brother, Davis Horrigan by their parents Janet Horrigan and Tom Horrigan.

So many details are not available as regards his education but we know that he attended Glendale city college.

2. He has made appearances in many productions

Sam’s career might not be the most elaborate, but he has still taken part in more than 30 films since he started his career in the early 1990s. Also a stuntman, here are some of his well-known works:

3. Sam Horrigan has also been into different sports

Although acting is what he is mostly known for, he grew up taking part in different sports including skating. He was said to be involved in running since the young age of 6. Through the years, he has come to take part in more than 100 5k races. He once played soccer also for a team known as Davis Hydra.

4. The actor has been involved in many charities

Sam’s good heart has always shown in his willingness to help others. In line with this, the actor has been involved with many charities in the past. He has been involved in many races to help raise funds for different charities.

In 2011, he joined Generosity Water in order to help communities without water with wells.

5. He is a very tall fellow

Sam is one actor who has both good looks and a great body build. The hunk stands at a height of 6 feet tall.

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