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Samantha Speno Is Randy Orton’s Ex-Wife: What Happened Between Them?

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Samantha Speno is a hardworking woman who has got her hands into a lot of things including home decoration, business, and fitness training amongst other things. Beyond all these, however, she is better known for her marriage to wrestler, Randy Orton. The pair got married in 2007 and only six years later, the marriage came to an end in divorce with a daughter between them.

Although it is now close to 10 years since Samantha Speno Orton and Randy got divorced, her name is still being mentioned in relation to the celebrated wrestler, with many wanting to know what actually happened between them.

Biography of Samantha Speno

While not so much is known about the early life of Samantha Speno because she became known thanks to her marriage to Randy, it is known that she was born on January 18, 1982. She was said to have been birthed in Missouri, which was also where she was brought up.

in St. Charles/St. Louis to be precise. As regards her education, Samantha went to Francis Howell North High School from where she was said to have graduated in 2000. She was into different sports while in school, although she loved gymnastics more than everything else.

After choosing, it was not surprising that Samantha took up a job as a gymnastics instructor. Apart from that, she is also a businesswoman who owns a jewelry store, ‘Rocks and Stars which has been in existence for a long time. She also found the beautification company Stultify Incorporation Limited. The company covers everything from photography to makeup and much more.

Samantha also made an appearance on the reality TV show, Sunset Tan on E!.

She Met Randy In A Bar

It was in a bar that the love story between Randy and Samantha first began. While she was working at the bar as a waitress, the wrestler had already started making an impressive name for himself in that regard.

When they met, Randy was still nursing an injury he had on the leg. That did not stop him from falling in love the moment he had his eyes set on Samantha. He struck a conversation with her and they exchanged numbers. One thing leading to another, they had a date and that was how they started dating.

In 2005, the pair got engaged, and then on On September 21, 2007, Samantha and Randy Orton became man and wife.

Their Marriage Was Blessed With A Daughter

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Only a year after their marriage, Samantha Speno and Randy Orton had their first and only daughter, Alanna Marie Orton who was born on July 12, 2008, in the United States. While she might still be a little girl, Alanna shares in the fame of her father.

They Were Only Married For Six Years

Initially, the marriage between Randy and Samantha was a happy one because of the love they shared as well as the birth of their only daughter. However, things soon went sour between them as the career of Randy began to take him away from his wife and kids. He would spend a good amount of time working. This caused a problem in their union and by 2012, the pair separated.

After six years of marriage, Samantha Speno Orton and Randy finally ended their marriage in divorce in June 2013. The official reason given for the divorce was irreconcilable difference.

following the end of the marriage, Samantha was granted custody of their daughter while the wrestler had visitation rights and was asked to pay for child support. More so, their properties were shared between the two former lovers. Among the things Randy had were his 2009 Harley Davidson, his 2011 Bentley, and his 2012 Range Rover. More so, he had one of their houses, his gun collections, and jewelry.

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Life after Divorce For Samantha Speno And Randy Orton

Since the end of the divorce, Samantha who currently has an estimated net worth of 4 million has maintained a private life, most especially in terms of relationship. Because of this, it is not known if she has dated anyone since the end of her marriage. However, it is clear that she is still not married.

On the other hand, Randy has since moved on from his failed marriage. In 2016, she gave birth to their child, Brooklyn Rose Orton.

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