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Sarah Barg Has Been Married Twice To Glen Campbell And Mac Davis

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Sarah Barg may not have gained celebrity status for her career or talent, but she came to the limelight thanks to her marriage to famous celebrities and country musicians, Glen Campbell whom she married in 1976 after her first marriage to Mac Davis ended that same year.

Since the end of her two marriages that ended with a son for her, Barg has been away from public life, hence there have been many questions as regards her whereabouts and her current relationship status.

Quick Look At Her Biography

It was in 1947 that Barg was born, in the United States. She was brought up in the States also, but details regarding her childhood and education have remained elusive.

There have been various reports that she had a career as an actress, even though that did not go far. Unfortunately, there are no records in the public domain regarding the films she has been a part of except for Dexter and Weeds.

More so, she reportedly had a career with NBC.

She Became Known In The 1970s When She Married Mac Davis

The name of Sarah Barg became known in the early 1970s after she got married to Mac Davies who was a famous country music singer, songwriter, and actor.

When they met, Mac was already married and divorced from his first wife, Fran Cook. He met Sarah when she was only a girl of sixteen years and she was living with her mother in his apartment. By the next two years when she was 18, they got married.

Because she was very young at the time, they decided to wait for a little time before they started having children and making a family. Unfortunately, before this could happen, Sarah met and other man, Glen and she fell in love with time.

Barely five years after they got married, Sarah Dumped Mac in a divorce.

Her Second Husband Was Glen Campbell 

In the same year that her marriage to Mac ended, Sarah Barg started yet another relationship with another country singer, Glen Campbell. What was more interesting about this was that Glen had just divorced his wife of 17 years, Billie Jean Nunley in the same year.

The couple was blessed with a son named Dillon Campbell. Unsurprisingly, Dillon  has also followed in the footsteps of his father by becoming a singer, although he has not achieved the same level of success.

Even though it still managed to produce a child, it was nit the best of marriages as it only lasted four years before it came to an end.

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Other Relationships of Sarah Barg

Apart from the two aforementioned relationship that she was involved in, there have been no other relationships that she was involved in. More so, there have been no reports to suggest that she ever got married a third time after her marriage failed.


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