MarriedShannon Perris-Knight: Marriage To Kevin Gage, Life, And Death

Shannon Perris-Knight: Marriage To Kevin Gage, Life, And Death

Shannon Perris-Knight was the wife of American actor Kevin Gage. Her husband was famous for playing the role of ‘Waingro’ in the 1995 crime film Heat. She got married to him in 2005 and welcomed their one and only child two years later

In 2008, she was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. She struggled with it for 6 years until 2014 when she died. So, she was his wife until the last days of her life on earth.

While she remained the only woman the actor shared a child with, she was not the first woman he married. He was previously married to an actress. Here is more about her life and death, and her marriage to the Heat actor.

She Walked Down the Aisle with Kevin Gage In the Spring of 2005

Shannon Perris-Knight
Shannon Perris-Knight, her husband, and child (Image Source)

Shannon Perris Knight tied the knots with Kevin Gage in 2005. Although, there isn’t any available information on when, where, or how the pair met, what is known is the fact that they dated for some time before deciding to take their marital vows.

Two years down the line, she gave birth to their first and only son Ryder Jay Gage in January 2007. Everything was going smoothly until she was diagnosed with inoperable cancer the following year. That whole thing changed their family forever.

Her family had to move to a quiet beach south of Ensenada in Baja, California because she couldn’t keep up a busy lifestyle. For 6 good years, her family and husband were by her side nurturing and caring for her until she died in July 2014.

Kelly Preston Was Kevin Gage’s First Wife

While the actor remains the first known man Shannon married, it is not known whether she dated or married any man before him. However, she is the second woman he married.

His first marriage was to the American actress Kelly Preston. He got married to her in 1985 in Hawaii, but it failed two years later. They got divorced in 1987.

Before their marriage and eventual divorce, the duo was said to have met during the shooting SpaceCamp where she played the role of Tish Ambrose, while Gage played a minor role that never made it to the final version of the film.

The actress later got married to John Travolta. She revealed that she met while she was still married to Gage.

She died on 12th July 2020 at the age of 57 in her home in Clearwater, Florida. She was diagnosed with breast cancer two years earlier. Even though her diagnosis was not made public, her death was announced via Instagram by John Travolta and Ella Bleu.

While the Heat’s actor and she never had any kids together, she and Travolta had 3 kids; Jett, Ella Bleu, and Benjamin. But, she lost Jett on 2nd January 2009. He passed on when the family was on vacation in the Bahamas.

Other Facts about Shannon Perris-Knight

Shannon Perris-Knight
Kevin Gage & Shannon Perris-Knight with their son Ryder (Image Souce)

1. Who Is Her Husband?

He was born on 26th May 1959 in Northern Wisconsin. His grandparents had a dairy farm, which is where he spent most of his youthful days working and schooling at the same time.

He was a sports enthusiast, which is why he made it to the basketball, baseball, football, hockey and track, and field teams. He also went fishing with his father in the northern Wisconsin rivers.

Gage completed his high school education on his 18th birthday. He moved to Florida, and spent a couple of months, working odd jobs. Florida dashed his hopes, so, he went west to California.

2. It was fate that brought her husband to Hollywood

When he moved to California, his initial plan was to get a construction job in the Bay area, but fate brought him to Hollywood. When he was 21, a theatrical agent approached while he was working as a bartender in a steakhouse, and offered him an acting proposal. He was later given a part to read in the agent’s office, and she discovered he had the talent. So, she told him to start attending an acting class.

His love for acting quickly grew and within a few years, he started getting small jobs in low-budget films and TV shows. Some of them include; Highway to HeavenL.A. Law, and Divorce in Court.

3. How her husband got his breakthrough

The Wisconsin native’s breakthrough in acting came after he survived an automobile accident that kept him grounded for more than a year. After his recovery, he got his first major role on Heat. But the role of ‘Waingro’ wasn’t without stiff competition. It took three months and eleven readings with the director to get the role.

After the movie became a success, he started getting more offers.

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4. Her husband spent time behind bars

Gage was first sentenced to 41 months in a federal penitentiary on 30th July 2003. He was imprisoned for cultivating marijuana, although he owned a license for medicinal marijuana from California.

He revealed that he cultivated it to help him manage the severe pain and injuries he sustained in a 1993 car accident. And to also help his sister and brother who are suffering from cancer and sclerosis respectively.

He began the prison sentence on 29th September 2003 and was released on 17th March 2006.

5. Her son is being groomed to become an actor like his father

Since the death of his wife, Gage focused on raising their only son. Ryder has grown into an amazing teenager. The two have been living together in Southern California. Who knows maybe he would grow to become an actor like his dad. Well, he has featured in bit parts in some of his father’s films. From all indications, he loves seeing his father at work.

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