DivorceSidney Conroy Is Huey Lewis’ Ex-Wife – Marriage, Divorce, Other Facts

Sidney Conroy Is Huey Lewis’ Ex-Wife – Marriage, Divorce, Other Facts

Since their marriage came to an end there has been no much information about her, other than the fact that she was once the wife of the celebrity singer, it might seem that the woman loves to keep to herself and stays clear of the media.

The Pair Got Married 1983

Sidney and her husband met and finally got married in the year 1983 with their wedding ceremony held in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Sidney was once Huey’s manager’s secretary and that was how the two met.

While still married, together they have two children who are all adults now, a daughter whose name is Kelly and a son whose name is Austin.

The Marriage Ended In 1989

Sidney and her former husband were married for about six years before they called it quits and got divorced in 1989. The divorce was one that was believed to be amicable and so they are still close.

According to the singer, he was the main cause of the divorce. He made it known that his career took the better side of him and so he was mostly absent from home. This took a toll on his wife who was left to take care of the home and their kids. This demand was too much for her and their marriage ended up paying the price.

A Look Into The Life Of Sidney’s Ex-husband

Although the music star is now better known as Huey Lewis, it was as Hugh Anthony Greg III, that he was born on the 5th of July 1950. His father was an Irish-American from Boston while his mother Maria was from Poland. Huey was born and raised in New York and California, USA.

His parents also got divorced when he was about 13 years old, as his mother was said to have cheated on his father. After their divorce, she went ahead and married the poet, Lew Welch making him Huey’s stepfather. Huey would later credit his stepfather for inspiring him and directing him down the right path.

Facts To Know About Her

1. Her former husband now suffers from ear problems

In 2018, Sidney’s ex-husband Huey was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, a condition that affects the ear. He mentioned that backstage before one of his concerts he heard a loud deafening sound in his ear and had to struggle to finish the concert and that was how he knew something was wrong, since then he has had problems with his pitch and singing in general.

Owing to his sickness, he had to cancel all tours and finally had to quit music, he said it was a troubling and sad period for him but the love and support of his children and family members kept him going.

2. They were still married when Huey sued Ray Parker Jr

Back in 1985, sued Ray Parker Jr. over similarities between Parker’s theme song for a movie released in 1985 called Ghostbusters with Huey’s ‘I want a new drug’. At the time, Sidney and Huey were still married.

After deliberations, the case was settled outside the court with the gentlemen agreeing to keep their agreement a secret. Later in 2001 parker then sued Huey claiming he revealed details of their agreement to the public, therefore, violating their nondisclosure agreement.

3. Sidney Conroy net worth

Because she has maintained a very private lifestyle since her divorce from Huey, the net worth of Sidney is still not known. However, her ex-husband was on The 55 Richest Actors Alive in the year 2021 thanks to his net worth which is estimated at about 20 million dollars.

Huey wasn’t always a millionaire singer, after dropping out of college he ventured into different things like event planning, carpentry, landscaping, selling as well as delivering natural foods to make ends meet.

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4. Her former husband is more than a musician

Sidney’s ex-husband is not only a musician but also a movie actor he has appeared in blockbusting movies like Back to the Future, Oliver & Company, and Sphere.

5. There is no information on whether she is now married

It is no news that Lewis has never been married again since his marriage to Sidney ended more than three decades ago. However, it still remains unclear if she has tied the knot a second time. On his part, there were rumors that Huey got into a relationship with Connie Hamzy, but it only remained a rumor since neither of them gave any credence to the report



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