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Sophia Makramati Is Clarence Seedorf’s Girlfriend: Unknown Facts

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Sophia Makramati is one person who has always managed to maintain a very private life, even as the Girlfriend of the legendary Dutch footballer Clarence Seedorf. Of late, the light has shone on her after her husband’s conversion to Islam and his subsequent revelation that it was thanks to his wife that he changed religion.

She has been referred to as the wife of the former football player and manager, but there is still no indication that they are married. Here are other things you probably don’t know about her.

Fascinating Facts About Sophia Makramati

Sophia Makramati
Sophia Makramati and her sons (Instagram)

1. Biography of Sophia Makramati

The businesswoman was born on October 29, although the year of her birth is not known. She refers to herself as a global citizen but as regards her true identity, she is a Candian of Iranian origins.

She was raised by her mother after her father died even before her birth. Sophia’s mother paused her life after she became a widow at the young age of 30 to give her kids the best of education. She had a brother, Mr. Cyrus, whom she said taught her a lot of things. Unfortunately, she lost him in July 2021.

2. Sophia Makramati is more than just the girlfriend of Seedorf

Although many would only refer to her as the girlfriend, or in some cases, wife of the former footballer, she is more than that. Sophia is also a businesswoman who seems to be doing very well for herself, and also a philanthropist. She is into the business of fashion and branding.

3. Sophia Makramati is a mother of two

Not so much is known about the life of Sophia Makramati before she met and started dating the legendary footballer. However, it is no secret that she is the mother of two sons, Nima and Diako. Nima who is the older of the two boys celebrates his birthday on March 6, while his brother was born on June 22, 2008.

Both kids love football and have plans of following in the footsteps of Seedorf. Nima plays professionally for a small club while his younger brother plays youth football with U.E Sant ildefons infantil A. Before then, he played for Barcelona’s youth team. Daiko is also ino tekwando. He got his black belt when he was 9.

4. She is Scavia’s Ambassador

In 2020, the Jewelry watches brand Scavia announced the Dubai businesswoman as its Global Brand Ambassador. She has continued to represent the brand since then.

In 2022, she was named goodwill ambassador for Hothur Foundation.

5. She has been friends with Seedorf for A while before they started dating


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Although it is not known for how long they knew each other, it is no secret that Sophia Makramati and Clarence Seedorf were first friends before they started dating. In a picture she shared in 2019, she described Seedorf and Patrick Kluivert as her great friends.

Not long afterward in the same year, they began appearing on each other’s social media handles, making it clear that they were officially dating.

6. Sophia Makramati was born and raised in an Islamic family

Even though it is in Canada that she was raised, Makramati was born into an Islamic family. She was also brought up as a practicing Muslim.

7. She helped convert Seedorf to Islam

When he was a footballer, Seedorf was considered a very spiritual individual. Hence, it came as a surprise to many when in March 22, he announced that he had found himself a new religion in Islam. He made it known that his conversion into the religion was all thanks to Sophia Makramati who exposed him to know more about the religion.

After making the post on Instagram to announce his conversion, Sophia also made a post celebrating the legendary footballer.

8. Sophia Makramati is not the first woman in Seedorf’s life

Seedorf was previously married to Luviana Seedorf who is now known as Luviana Jayden. Unfortunately, details about their marriage and divorce are hidden from the public. Nonetheless, it is known that the marriage was blessed with four kids; Denzel Seedorf, Jaysyley Seedorf, Darjaene Seedorf, and Jusy Seedorf.

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9. Sophia Makramati is a rich woman

Sophia Makramati has come a long way in her career as a businesswoman. She currently has a net worth estimated at over $2 million. She came by her fortune from her businesses and from various endorsement deals she had.

Clarence Seedorf, on the other hand, has a net worth of $20 million.

10. Makramati is pretty much a tall woman

Amongst many other things, the Canadian businesswoman is a beautiful individual who is also blessed with a good height. She stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall.

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