DatingStephanie Thirkill is Richie Myler’s New Girlfriend- 7 Unknown Facts

Stephanie Thirkill is Richie Myler’s New Girlfriend- 7 Unknown Facts

With more questions about her personal life, here is all we know about the new girlfriend of Richie Myler.

Fascinating Facts About Stephanie Thirkill

1. Quick biography of Thirkill

Stephanie Emily Thirkill was born in 1989, although the actual date of her birth is not known. She was birthed in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, which is also where she was brought up.

2. Who are the parents of Stephanie Thirkill?

Stephanie was birthed into the family of Leed millionaire, Andrew Thirkill and his wife, Jill Thirkill. Her father was born and brought up in a family that was not well-to-do, but he was able to build a fortune that has brought his current net worth to more than 175 million pounds.

After Andrew, who admitted he was not the brightest of students left high school in 1976, he learned bricklaying as he was not interested in school. He would later get a job as a filing clerk before he took another job as a trainee sales rep fof the Yorkshire Post Newspaper. It was after this that he started his advertising company which he later sold in 1988, after running it for only 7 years for £2.7 million. It was from here that he continues to build his fortune.

Her parents now live in a 1 million pounds home in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

3. A look into her educational pursuits and career

More than just the daughter of a wealthy individual, Stephanie Thirkill is a well-educated individual. The businesswoman got her education from Leeds Metropolitan University where she studied Retail Marketing Management. Career-wise, she works as a marketing executive at Age Partnership and is reported to also run two of her own businesses.

4. She has a brother whose name is Jonathan

Stephanie Thirkill is not the only child of her parents as she has a younger brother whose name is Jonathan Thikill. Learning the ropes from his father and older sister, Jonathan is also a businessman who is considered successful in art. He works with his father’s company and also runs his own company.

5. How Stephanie met Myler

Although it is reported that Stephanie and Richie did not start dating until after his marriage ended, there are speculations that they might have started seeing each other before then. While all that is not certain, what is certain is that the pair met for the first time when Richie’s wife was six months pregnant with their third child at a rugby dinner. Helen was forced to leave the event early and her husband got to meet Stephanie.

6. Richie Myler left his wife of 9 years for Stephanie


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Before Riche and Stephanie began dating, he was married to Coubntryfilre presenter Helen Skelton for close to 10 years. The pair got married in 2013 and they had three kids together with the latest born only a few months before the end of their marriage.

Helen began to suspect the activities of her husband and thinking he was not faithful, she hired a private detective to look into her suspicion. It was around that time that her husband abandoned her for the much younger Thirkill.

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7. Stephanie Thirkill was allegedly also previously married

It seems as though it was not only Richie that was married before he started dating Stephanie. According to reports, the millionaire’s daughter was also previously married to a man known as Richard Sugden and they seemed not to be together before she started dating her new man.

This was alleged as Helen revealed that she contacted the estranged husband of Stephanie to compare notes when she began to suspect that her husband was cheating on her.

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