Susan Fallender, also known as Susan Shaughnessy is an actress famous for her roles in Space Rangers (1993), Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987), and Space Rangers (1993). Being the wife of multi-award-winning English actor, Charles Shaughnessy since 1983 has contributed to her fame. He is best known for his roles in The Nanny Days of our lives (1984-1992).

Even with the fame that is surrounding the life of Fallender as well as her husband, she has been able to keep a low profile in her private life. However, here are detailed facts about her.


1. How old is she?

There is no available detail about the age of Fallender. Nonetheless, reports suggest that she may be about 67 years old. He was born on February 9 1955 in London, England.

Shaughnessy attended Eton College and later studied law at Magdalene College at the University of Cambridge. This led to another enrollment in school at the London Drama School after which he started a career in acting.

2. Shaughnessy proposed to Fallender via phone call

When they were younger and dating, the actors were leaving in different countries. While Shaughnessy was in London, Fallender was in California and according to reports, they both didn’t have stable jobs. However, The Nanny actor chose to propose to Susan via phone call.

3. Susan Fallender became married to Charles Shaughnessy the same year she started to gain fame

From London, Shaughnessy moved to the United States of America where he started a career that would last decades. This same year in 1983, he became married to Fallender whose career also traces to her role as Bunny in Trading Places 1983.

In the years to come, her career landed her roles in TV series and movies such as the following:

  • The Documents (Dokymentbl, 2007)
  • Wild Hearts (2006)
  • The Last Dance (2000)
  • Architecture of Reassurance (2000)
  • Space Rangers (1993)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation (1991)
  • Laguna Heat (1987)
  • Clay Feet (1984)

4. How their marriage survived for 39 years


Since they met during acting lessons in Los Angeles in the early 1980s, the couple has since been together even though Charles was famous as a husband on TV with different women. What remains unknown however is what has contributed to the success of their marriage even with the rising of divorce in celebrity marriages.

Regardless, the survival of their marriage for more than 3 decades may not be farfetched from having mutual respect, understanding, and lover among other things.

5. How many children does Susan Fallender have?

The actors in their marriage have welcomed 2 daughters. While Jennifer “Jenny” Shaughnessy was born on March 18, 1990, about 7 years after they became married, Madelyn “Maddy” was born in 1995.

Jenny, according to reports graduated from Pitzer College in 2012 and has a job as an assistant to head production at Nickelodeon. Her sister Maddy on the other hand is reportedly a commercial producer in downtown Toronto.

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6. Their daughters are not fans of one of Shaughnessy’s most popular works

In a revelation made by Charles Shaughnessy, the couple’s children were not fans toThe Nanny where he played the role of Maxwell Sheffield. This was because of his kissing Fran Drescher who played the role of Fran Fine, the spouse of Sheffield (Shaughnessy).

7. The couple has famous family members

Although Susan Fallender’s parents and siblings are not known, she has a sister, Deborah Fallender who is also an actress who began her career around 1976 and played roles in films such as The Lady of the Camellias and Space in 1999 and later appeared in other series that include Rock Follies (1977), and JAG in 2002.

In addition, Susan is the daughter-in-law of Alfred James Shaughnessy – a famous English scriptwriter, film director, and producer who was best known for his editing work on the script of Upstairs, Downstairs (1971 – 1975). He was born in 1916 and died in 2005.

Her mother-in-law and the mother of Charles Shaughnessy is Jean Margaret Lodge an English stage, film, and TV actress best known for her roles in Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime (1952) and the Manor of Northstead (1954).

Charles’ only brother, David Shaughnessy is an English actor, producer, and director who traces his career to the late 1970s. Currently, he is famous for his voice Big Hero 6 (2006), Peter Pan and the Pirates (1990 – 1991), and Blood of Zeus (2020).

David is married to TV soap opera writer, Anne Schoettle and together, they have 3 children.

8. Charles Shaughnessy is the current Baron Shaughnessy

The great-grandfather of the actor, Thomas Shaughnessy was an American-Canadian who worked for the Canadian Pacific Railway and helped to bring the company out of bankruptcy in 1885. He would later live to become the president of the company, expand the company, and add 7,000 kilometers of tracks as well as see the launching of Atlantic Steamship Lines.

His contribution to Canada led to his house in Montreal being declared a National Historic Site in 1974 and a neighborhood named in honor of him.

In 1961, he was made Baron Shaughnessy. At present Susan Fallender’s husband is the 5 and the holder of the title.

9. Her net worth

The net worth of Susan Fallender is above $500,000. Although she is an entertainer who may have earned from the career, it is not known how much exactly she makes or if she has other sources of income.

Her husband Charles also earns majorly from acting and has a net worth that is estimated at $3 million.

10. Height and body measurement of Susan Fallender

Charles Shaughnessy is 5’9 feet tall (1.82 m) and is believed to be taller than his wife who is more than 5 feet tall and maybe shorter than 5’9.

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