DivorceWhat Is Taran Noah Smith Doing These Days And Is He Married...

What Is Taran Noah Smith Doing These Days And Is He Married To Heidi Van Pelt?

Taran Noah Smith had a professional career that spanned just about 8 years and his marriage, was 2 years less.

Both events did not end without him having anything to show for his good works, though. Being a star child actor in the sitcom Home Improvement, Taran won 2 Young Artist Awards in 1992 and 1994. He also warned widespread recognition for his performance in the series.

For his marriage to Heidi Van Pelt, the controversies surrounding it stemmed from the age difference between the former couple. His son, Nolan Eric Smith was however his treasure from the marriage.

Furthermore, since Taran Noah Smith left both his career as an actor and his marriage, he began working as a technician at Space Exploration Technologies Corp.

Taran Noah Smith is an Integration Technician at Elon Musk’s Company

Taran Noah Smith was born on April 8, 1984, in San Francisco, California. He was actually born on a boat and grew up there with his father teaching him a lot about boats, ships, and submarines.

He basically grew up knowing so much about nautical jobs and so it wasn’t a shocker to see that he went into that field, professionally.

Taran has many years of experience working with his father in creating water purifiers that are energy efficient. These purifiers were used by the military. In 2018, he revealed in an interview that he was working on a lot of engineering teams that were all involved in building machines that make water. This is still related to his love for maritime work.

He captains sailboats as well as teaches people how to pilot submarines as part of his job as a trainer for a submarine company.

He once almost got into trouble for this sometime in 2019 when the inhabitants of Monterey Bay saw a strange submarine on the waters. They thought it was a drug smuggling boat and had alerted the authorities.

In response to this, Taran Noah Smith allayed their fears and assured them that they were only having fun and he was teaching those with him how to pilot a submarine.

With his many years of experience in the maritime engineering field, Smith took his professional resume to a whole different level when he joined Elon Musk’s company.

In 2022, Taran added to his LinkedIn profile that he had begun work as an Integration Technician at SpaceX. According to the former actor, he was finally living out his true passion.

Taran Noah Smith Is Divorced From Heidi Whom he Got Married to Aged 17

Even after having been plunged into the spotlight at an early age and not having a say in it, Taran further took on the role of a husband at an equally early age.

He stopped acting in 1999 at the age of 15 (8 years in the movie industry). 2 years later, in 2001, he got married to Heidi Van Pelt on April 27, 2001. Heidi was 33 years old at the time and Taran was barely 17 years old.

The age difference between the couple sparked a lot of outrage in the media and propelled the former child actor back into the spotlight. There was a 16-year age difference between them but that seemed to be every other person’s problem but Heidi and Taran’s.

The couple met at a party hosted by a former Home Improvement actor.

In spite of the disapproval from his parents, he still went ahead to get married to her. The relationship put a strain between Taran and his parents who believed that she was instigating their son against them.

He and his wife even started a food business which initially launched at their home but was closed by the authorities. Eventually, they opened their own place and started selling vegan, healthy meals because Taran was vegan and has always cared about his environment and his wife was an artist and chef who loved to cook and eat healthily. 

The marriage, unfortunately, did not last for so long because by February 2, 2007, they filed for divorce. It was a messy divorce the former couple had and it included a lot of accusations from both of them.

Heidi blamed Taran’s excessive partying and cheating for the divorce while Smith had a different theory.

According to the former child actor, Heidi van Pelt wasn’t okay with opening up their marriage. She got jealous and destroyed stuff in their house.

They also clashed over the business they shared together and Smith’s older wife fled to Missouri to be with her lover.

Before the divorce, reports have it that they welcomed a son together. The boy is named Nolan Eric Smith but not much information is known about him.

Will Taran Noah Smith Consider Acting Again?

Noah Smith, then and now (Image Source)

When Smith’s stint with Home Improvement ended, he was one of the happiest actors to have ever ended an acting project. In fact, there was a huge relief from his mother who regretted pushing him into acting at a young age. She had a book titled ‘Stardom Happens‘ written about the experience of her family. 

There was a lot surrounding his early rise into fame that didn’t quite go well and even ended up with the 39-year-old actor having issues with his parents over money made from the sitcom. Eventually, they reconciled and all went well in the end but does this mean he would consider acting again?

Well, back then he did but it seems those days are gone. Home Improvement wasn’t the only acting credit Taran had. He was cast in some other movie projects afterwards but they weren’t as popular as his first. Therefore, many people still know and recognize him from the sitcom.

Some of the other movie projects are; Ebbie and Little Bigfoot 2: The Journey Home.

There are speculations that Home Improvement could have a reboot and a lot of the sitcom’s fans would love to see everyone from the show back on the screen once again.

Seeing that Taran has moved on from his days as an actor, he may not be particularly excited about being back in front of the screens again.

He however admitted a couple of times that he missed his onscreen family from the sitcom but this is no assurance that he would want to see them or be part of the cast of the reboot.

Whatever the case, Taran Noah Smith is doing well for himself, chasing what he has always loved.

His fans and followers may get to see him settle down again and start a family but, in the meantime, they are all satisfied in knowing that he has something going for him. Luckily, he didn’t phase out after his fame as a child actor.

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