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The Burbs Cast: Meet The Major Stars And Who They Are Married To

by Nandom Kostu

The Burbs is an American satirical comedy film that was written by Dana Olsen and directed by Joe Dante in 1989. Because of the profile of stars the film drew in, The Burbs cast members are still being referred to more than three decades later.

Today, while some of the actors in the comedy are in healthy relationships, others had the opposite. Below are the major cast members for the Burbs and their various spouses.

Major Cast Members for The Burbs and Their Spouses

1.   Tom Hanks as Ray Peterson

Tom Hanks, 66, also known as Thomas Jeffery Hanks, is an American actor and film producer who was born on July 9, 1956. The award-winning actor started his career at the age of 21 in 1977.

Apart from The Burbs, Hanks appeared in other popular films like Bachelor Party (1984), Splash (1984), Big (1988), and Philadelphia (1993). He was also a narrator for the 2011 film Killing Lincoln.

Is Tom Hanks married?

The actor is married, but for the second time. He was first married to British actress Samantha Lewis. Tom and Samantha got married in 1979 and were blessed with two kids Elizabeth Ann Hanks and Colin Hanks. They divorced in 1987 and she died of bone cancer in 2002.

His second wife is Greek actress Rita Wilson, whom he married in 1988. They are blessed with two kids Chester Marlon and Truman Theodore. They are still very much together to this day.

2. Bruce Dern (Mark Rumsfield)

American actor Bruce Dern, 87, also known as Bruce Dern MacLeish, was born on June 4, 1936, and he is often known for casting as a villain in most of his films. He has also taken roles in films like Coming Home (1978), Nebraska (2013), The Hater (2022), and a host of others.

Who is Bruce Dern Married to?

Bruce Dern got married on three times. His first marriage was in 1957 to a woman known as Marie Dean. While not much is known about the union, the marriage ended after only two years in 1959.

Dean’s next marriage was to Dianne Lad whom he married in 1960. The couple had their first daughter named Dianne Elizabeth that same year. They lost her to a swimming pool accident in 1962 and gave birth to their second daughter Laura Dern in 1967. Laura is now an actress. Bruce and Dianne Lad got divorced in 1969.

In the same year that he parted ways with Lad, Dean maried Andrea Beckett. Many years later, they are still together.

3. Carrie Fisher (Carol Peterson)

Carrie Frances Fisher, 60, was an American actress and writer, she was born on October 21, 1956. The actress started her career in 1975 and she was best known for The Burbs 1989, Starring Carol Peterson. She starred in other movies like Shampoo (1975), Hanna and her Sisters (1986), 30 rock (2007), Catastrophe (2017), and many more to her credits. She also wrote books like postcards from the edge, Wishful Drinking, and a host of others. She died on Christmas boxing day of 2016.

 Was Carrie Fisher Married?

The actress was married once and was involved in other relationships. Her first ever relationship was with actor Harris Ford in 1976, they dated for just three months. She later met musician Paul Simon in 1977, and got married in 1983, their marriage lasted for a year and they divorced. She was also briefly engaged to Dan Aykroyd in 1980.

Her relationship with Bryan Lourd gave birth to Catherine Lourd in 1992 but was never legally married to Bryan. She also had a brief relationship with English singer James Blunt in 2003.

4.   Richard Ducommun (Art Weingartner)

Richard Ducommun, 70, popularly known as Rick Ducommun was a Canadian standup Comedian born on July 3rd, 1952. He started his career in 1983 with the TV show, Star Search but was more popular for the movie The Burbs (1989) starring Art Weingartner. He has also starred in movies like Die Hard (1988), and The Last Boy Scout  (1991), with Funky Monkey (2004) being his final film role in the movie industry.

The actor was diabetic for many years and reportedly died of the aforementioned disease at the age of 62, on 12th June 2015

Did Rick Ducommun ever get married?

Rick Ducommun was married to two women during his lifetime. His first wife was Susan Diamond with whom he had a daughter named Nash Diamond. He later got married to Lesley Ann McNulty, his second wife, in 1995 and gave birth to Hudson Ducommun.

5. Corey Feldman (Ricky Butler)

Corey Feldman, 51, is an American actor and musician who was born on July 16th, 1971 in Reseda, California. He started his career as a child actor starring in more than 100 TV shows.

He became much more active in the movie industry in 1979 with the TV movie Willa and was much more popularly known for starring as Ricky Butler in the comedy film The Burbs (1989). Corey has also starred in movies like The Lost Boys 1987, 13 Fan Boy 2021 and a host of many others to his credit.

As a musician, he is known for songs like Loving Lies (2016), Go for It (2016), Comeback King (2022), and many more to his credit. The actor’s life has been filled with several ups and downs like sexual allegations in which he was involved and those filed against him. He is still much active in the movie and music industry.

Corey Feldman’s marital Life

Feldman first worked down the aisle with model Vanessa Marcil in 1989 and lasted just four years, in what is now regarded as a controversial marriage between the two. He later got married to actress Susie Sprague in 2002 and bore him a son named Zen Scott Feldman in 2004. The two lasted for seven years after Susie filed for a divorce in 2009.

Corey Feldman is currently married to model Courtney Ann since 2016, to this day. He is 17 years way older than her and is having a healthy relationship so far, with no children.

6. Wendy Schaal (Bonnie Rumsfield)

Wendy Schaal, 68, is an American actress who was born on 2nd July 1954, in Chicago, Illinois. She is a graduate with an arts degree from Los Angeles City College and started her career in the late 1970s.

The Burbs (1989) was her famous movie, she took the role of Bonnie Rumsfield. The actress has appeared in other films like Bound for Glory (1976), Record City (1978), Interspace (1986), and Family Guy (2018).

Who has Wendy Schaal worked down the aisle with?

Wendy worked down the aisle with musician Stephen Schwartz, the couple got married in 1977 and she bore him a child named victor Schwartz. She is also a stepmother to Adams Schwartz, who is Stephens’s son from a previous marriage.

They two spent 10 years together before they got divorced in 1987. Wendy has reportedly not worked down the aisle again as she is very much active and focused on her career.

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7. Henry Gibson (Dr. Werner Klopek)   

Henry Gibson, 87, was an American actor, comedian, and singer who was born on September 25 1935 in the city of Germantown, Philadelphia. He started his career at 18 and rose to fame in 1963. His most notable film is the Burbs 1989, he acted in the role of Dr. Werner Klopek. The actor has starred in other films like Interspace (1987), while Big Stan (2007) was his last film in the industry.

Was Henry married?

Henry Gibson was married to Lois Joan Geiger, they both tied the knot in 1966. Their marriage produced three children; Jonathan David Gibson, Charles Alexander Gibson, and James Gibson.  They remained together for 41 years until Lois Joan died on May 6, 2007 at the age of 77. She was followed by her husband, Henry who died of cancer on 14 September 2009 at his house in Malibu, California.

8. Gale Gordon (Walter Seznick)

Gale Gordon was an American actor who was born Charles Thomas Aldrich Jr. on February 20, 1906, in New York City, Vaudevillian. He was notable for playing the role of Walter Selznick in the comedy film The Burbs (1989).

The actor starred in other movies and TV/Radio roles like, Here we go Again (1942), and My Favorite Husband (TV/Radio roles from 1948-1951) with many more to his credit. The actor lasted for 58 years in the industry before his death, on June 30th, 1995 at the age of 89 due to lung cancer.

He was married to Virginia Curley    

Gale Gordon was married to Virginia Curley, they two got married in 1937 and had no children together. They lived happily not until when she reportedly died in 1995 of cancer a month earlier than her husband.

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