MarriedVictor Marke is Zara Phythian Husband- 10 Shocking Facts About Him

Victor Marke is Zara Phythian Husband- 10 Shocking Facts About Him

Victor Marke is famous as the husband of actress, Zara Phythian. Victor may not be popular in the mainstream, but he is well-known in Hollywood as a director and stuntman. He is also popular in the world of martial arts.

His name was drawn to the news after he was charged and later found guilty together with his wife of sexually abusing two teenage girls.

Here is all we know about Victor and the shocking crime he was found guilty of.

Unknown Facts About Victor Marke

Zara Phythian

1. Quick biography of Victor Marke

It was on 13 August 1962 that Victor Marke was born in England, United Kingdom. Currently 60 years old, details about his childhood and educational pursuits are not known.

2. Victor Marke is also a producer and stuntman

Zara’s husband is better known as a director but he is also into many other things including movie production. He has worked on films such as The Summer Of The Massacre (2006) and Furo: Rage of the Innocent (2008) which he has produced and directed. In addition to that, he is also a Stuntman.

3. Victor Marke met his wife when she was 14

The love story between the infamous couple is one that many have found rather disturbing. This is as Victor met her when she was only 14 years old while he was 37.

They met when she became a student of the school that he founded together with his first wife, Juliet; Champions Academy in Nottingham. That said, they did not start dating immediately or having a sexual relationship until she was 19 while he was 42.

4. The relationship between Victor Marke and Zara Phythian led to his divorce

As indicated, Victor was still a married man when he met Zara. At the time when he started dating her, he was still married to his first wife, Juliet. Reports have it that Juliet divorced her husband after she found out he was having an affair with the teenager; Zara Phythian.

Having met years earlier, they were said to have gotten engaged in 2011 and then on September 26. 2015, they got married.

5. Do they have children together?

Zara and Victor have always kept their private life away from the public domain, hence it is not known whether they have any children together.

6. He has a daughter from his first wife

Although the current marriage of Victor has not produced any child, it is stated that he is a father of one from his former marriage to Juliet. He reportedly has a daughter whose name is Courtney Marke. Courtney is a black belter and an aspiring R&B singer.

7. Their history of sexual abuse dates back to the early 2000s

In 2022, Victor Marke and his wife were charged with 14 counts of sexually abusing a girl. The first time that the case surfaced was in 2017 when Zara was arrested for the said crime.

The couple was first accused of abusing the girl from 2005 to 2008 when they reportedly abuse her once or twice a month and at least 20 times. Apart from that, there was also a charge against Victor who was said to have abused another girl of 15 years between 2002 and 2003.

According to Zara, the allegations were false. She stated that the two girls colluded against them with the allegations of sexual abuse and having a threesome with them while filming in order to recreate pornographic scenes

8. His ex-wife insists he is innocent of the crime

All through the controversial case, Victor Marke and Zara Phythian insisted that they were innocent of all the charges against them. But more importantly, his former wife, Juliet, also took to the dock to give evidence that he was not guilty of any sexual crimes.

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9. He is a respected individual in the martial arts community

More than his career in Hollywood, Victor is a martial artist who is well respected in the arts. One of the foremost in Britain, he was previously the head of the World Congress of Martial Arts Association. His wife is also a martial artist who is said to have accepted Victor to be her master when she was just 17.

With the ceremony which held in the ancient Shaolin, she bowed before Marke and recited a verse designed for anyone who has gotten a master as a sign of allegiance to one’s master. One then vows to do all the biddings of the master even when such goes against your personal wish.

10. Zara Phythian rose to fame as an actress

Zara became famous as an actress and stuntwoman. Her career began in 2006 when she appeared in Crops. In 2007, she took roles in End of Anger and Underground.. From then on, she has worked in numerous other films, but her real claim to fame came in 2016 when she got her role in Dr. Strange. Her other films since then include the following:

  • Knights of the Damned (2017)
  • Outlawed (2018)
  • Street Blood (2019)
  • Transit 17 (2019)
  • Tribal Det Out Alive (2020)
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